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  • Roadside Memorials Essay

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    Roadside memorials are seen on the side of a street or highway often times after the passing of a loved one in a car accident. While a grave marks where a body is finally laid, the roadside memorial marks the last place where a person was alive. The memorial is usually kept up by family and close friends and is decorated with flowers, messages, and a cross or plaque. However, often times controversial, these families believe that their moral authority to remember a loved one trumps any governmental

  • Are Roadside Memorials a Distraction for Drivers?

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    Unlike a grave site memorial, which marks where a body is burried, roadside memorials shows where a person died abruptly and unpredictably. When we see one, we get curious automatically and ask what might have happened in that place. Perhaps the basic reaction that we give when we see a roadside memorial is enough to understand its purpose and tolerate its presence when we are on the road. However, Some of the usual arguments that people post in opposing the presence of these memorials are dangerous distractions

  • An Article about Roadside Memorials Essay

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    to certain families in the form of roadside memorials. Roadside memorials are stone markers that serve the purpose of honoring the lives of those killed in automobile accidents. They usually take the shape of a Christian cross, whereby the name of the deceased is carved in the cross’s horizontal line. Normally surrounding the memorial are flowers and other gifts to illustrate grief. This stone is situated at the location of the person’s death. Roadside memorials are put there by the family and relatives

  • Memorialization Research Paper

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    Memorialization As an American, who happens to be half Mexican, memorials are seen differently by many different people; their lust for recognition, or their respect to either a nation’s greatness; or to the protectors of that nation, are a couple central values. However, when creating monuments to memorialize either party, designers must consider many aspects. Such as: what is the purpose of the monument? What does it symbolise and mean? What are the costs, money wise, but also physically? What

  • Essay On Memorial

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    Whether you are driving on a road trip or going to a historical sight, memorials are everywhere. Throughout history there has been many figures of people that have wanted to memorialize, for their famous acts and many ways through literature or art. There are many ways that people can memorialize a famous figure, such as a poem, story, or an ode. Other ways are very odd and many humans for generations have been sculpting, painting, and construct pieces that resemble what these people look like. A

  • The Importance Of Memorializing

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    Christopher Columbus, and his statue in Riverside Park (Deegan, Jim, source B). Lincoln's memorial isn’t where or had any importance to Lincoln, but it succeeds his most infamous speech he ever had “The Gettysburg Address” (Savage, source A). H. Elroy Johnson a famous lobster trapper, had a statue made but never finished during his lifetime, not until after his death, was the real statue made to memorialize him (Roadside America, source f).

  • Golden Gate Bridge Monuments

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    they help re-create and remember past events and people. When memorializing an event of person, a group of people should consider cost, design, and text factors when creating a monument. The cost to build a monument is a huge factor in creating a memorial. The group would have to create a monument that fits their budget, or

  • The Holocaust Museum : The Importance Of Monuments

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    be taken into consideration, and furthermore. A monument needs to have a strong meaning to spark one's memory or it must have historical value. The truth and an accurate account of history must also be taken into consideration before any kind of memorial is erected. If there is no historical background or an education of the monument then it is proven that the audience will not support or be interested in the specific monument.The significance of the monument and cost should be evaluated. H. Elroy

  • The Importance Of Monuments

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    Moreover, the location should be somewhere important that would not conflict with historical landmarks or that will cause problems for the people living around the monument. For example, in Source D, Kosareft explained how the cemetery in Savannah Memorial Park was in danger of being removed because developers want to use the land. This is an issue because the cemetery holds the graves of the San Gabriel Valley pioneers and is an important landmark to many of the people living in Savannah. Using a

  • Importance Of Public Monuments

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    importance, as well as events that hold great sorrow. Along with the importance and values that commemorate memorials, comes immense preparation and planning when building a monument. Therefore, it is important that three main factors from sources E, G, and C, are taken into consideration when attempting to build a memorial. Initially, location is the most detrimental factor when planning a memorial. The location should not only please the people of the area, but also correspond to the location of what