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  • Essay about Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

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    Senator Joseph R. McCarthy Even though he had humble beginnings, Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a single man, made a profound effect on the entire United States during his career. By following his life and what shaped McCarthy as an individual, a broader picture is brought into the scope of the cause of his false accusations. In the year 1908, in the northeast region of Wisconsin on a struggling farm, a devout Roman Catholic couple brought a their son, Joseph Raymond, into the

  • The Progressive Era In America In The 1920's

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    The Progressive Era in America lasted from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. During this time, The United States underwent several changed, or reforms. These reforms helped to shape our nation into what it is today. There are 10 reforms I’m going to discuss in this essay including the reforms on civil rights, conservation, government reform, health and medicine, labor reform, radical trade unionism, socialism, temperance, trust busting, and women’s rights. The Civil Rights reform was perhaps one of the

  • The Progressive Era Essay example

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    As the 19th century came to a close a new epoch, known as the Progressive Era emerged in response to industrialization. This early 20th century reform movement pursued control of the government to the people. In order to reinstate economic opportunities and to correct inequity in American life. Progressives believed that government could be used as a powerful tool for social improvement (Gillon, Matson 2009). Although the Progressive ideal was presented by numerous Progressive authors of different

  • Mccarthy: The Rise And Fall Of The Mccarthy Movement

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    in the history of the United States. 1946 was the year McCarthy became a first-term senator after running a campaign in which he emphasized his WWII heroics (and lied about being wounded in combat) while criticizing his opponent Senator Robert M. La Follette Jr. for refusing to enlist during the war. With an atmosphere of fear and dread towards communism in the United States, the time was prime for the rise of an anticommunist, such as McCarthy. While, at first, leading a relatively low-profile

  • Mccarthyism : Alive Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

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    McCarthyism: Alive Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow “Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong - these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.” Winston Churchill Winston Churchill was correct to state that history does in fact repeat itself, and when one looks at the past one can see that McCarthyism, the execution

  • Essay on Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism

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    The Second Red Scare was a period of heightened fears of the Soviet Union and the political ideology of Communism. The paranoia and hysteria inherent to this period led to discrimination of Communists. Joseph McCarthy was a main player in this Red Scare, which was sometimes called the “Witch-Hunts in Washington.” He was a Wisconsin senator who made claims against those whom he suspected of being Communists or Communist sympathizers. Joseph McCarthy was born in a small town in Wisconsin on November

  • Hemp Cultivation in China

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    International Hemp Association Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivation in the Tai 'an District of Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China Robert C. Clarke Naturetex International B.V. Van Diemenstraat 192 1013 CP Amsterdam The Netherlands Clarke, R.C. 1995. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivation in the Tai 'an District of Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China. Journal of the International Hemp Association 2(2): 57, 60-65. This paper summarizes the history of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivation