Rocky Mountains

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  • The Mountains Of The Rocky Mountains

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    The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, extends for some 3,000 miles (4,800 km), that covers land in two North American countries! With a distance of 3,000 miles, the Rockies must have a variety of physical features and landscapes that makes it an attractive area to tour and explore. However, all of the human interest in this mountain range could come at a devastating cost. Disturbances such as resource extraction, tourism/settlement, and farming in the Rocky Mountain region must cease because

  • Mountain Ranges of North America: The Rocky Mountains

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    The Rocky Mountains are an incredible mountain range located in North America in the Western Hemisphere. The mountain range stretches from northern Colorado and into southwestern Canada. It is home to a diverse ecosystem, both geographically and biologically and is revered as a monumental landform worldwide. The geologic history of the Rocky Mountains has come about as an aggregation of millions of years. Briefly speaking, the formation of the Rockies transpired from hundreds and millions of years

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Research Paper

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    Rocky Mountain National Park has it all: a pristine mountain lake, aspen leaves trembling in the breeze, craggy mountain peaks covered in snow. Although Rocky Mountain National Park is an eighth the size of Yellowstone, it packs everything in it’s 266,714 acres of land. Majestic mountain views can be found literally everywhere, and you don’t even have to step out of your car to see it! Grasslands, forests, and even glaciers can be explored in Rocky Mountain National Park. After a quick 2 hour

  • The Causitive Agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Essay

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    The Causitive Agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever The Bacteria Rickettsia rickettsii is the small, aerobic gram-negative bacterium that is the cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans (and other vertebrates). They are obligate, intracellular bacteria that range in size form 0.2x0.5 µm to 0.3x2.0µm. Rickettsia belong to the phylum alpha-protobacteria, which are capable of growing in low levels of nutrients, and have a long generation time relative to other gram negative bacteria such

  • The Rocky Mountain Locust

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    First part (physical description): Jackson: The Rocky Mountain Locust, Melanoplus spretus, resembles the common grasshopper. It is of the Acridinae or “short-horned grasshopper,” family, a family found all through North America, distinguished by a spine located near where the first two legs attach. The Rocky Mountain Locust was 20-35 mm in length, or around 1 inch long. The Locust could also rub its legs together to chirp and had wings were long and capable of flight. The wings stretched further

  • The Rocky Mountain Trail

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    times would blend into the rocky terrain and become challenging to follow. Silhouetted against the grayish sky to our immediate left were two rock strewn peaks that spiked into view through the thick air above us. Stemming from the main trail a faint path snaked its way to an area between and below the peaks and gradually faded into the rugged terrain. From previous expeditions on the Sauk, I knew the summit trail would continue and circle north on a ridge around a rocky pinnacle directly above the

  • Montana and the Rocky Mountains

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    Have you ever wondered about Montana, have you ever been to the Rocky Mountains or do you know anybody that retired and moved to the Rocky Mountains or somewhere in Montana? If not and if you just want to learn about Montana continue reading and you will learn all about Montana. Montana is the mostly densely populated state. Montana is from the Spanish word Montana (mountain or mountainous region) 2,700 African Americans live here. Montana’s first African Americans’ arrived in

  • Rocky Mountain Outfitters

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    Rocky Mountain Outfitters By the early 2000s, Rocky Mountain Outfitters had grown to become a “significant regional sports clothing distributor in the Rocky Mountain and Western states. The states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah,Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, and the eastern edge of California had seen tremendous growth in recreation activities” (RMO 2009). Because most outdoor and water sports had all become a tremendous interest in these states, to respond to the market

  • Rocky Mountain Vacations

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    parks are a popular tourist destination — so popular that they’re often overcrowded. However, if you plan your trip for the winter season, you may just find you have the whole place to yourself! Both Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone are absolutely stunning in the winter. Rocky Mountain offers a variety of activities for cold-weather fanatics, including ice climbing, winter mountaineering, snowshoeing, and skiing. Yellowstone, on the other hand, has a few more leisurely options, such

  • The Significant Impact of the Transcontinental Railroad on American Society

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    The Transcontinental Railroad was one of the most ambitious engineering projects, economic stimulants, and efficient methods of transportation in the early United States. If completed, the United States would be truly be united from east to west. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the Transcontinental Railroad helped develop new opportunities for many aspects of American life. The Transcontinental Railroad was the largest project the United States had ever seen. Due to lack of technology