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  • Theatre Of Cruelty Essay

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     Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty  Introduction  During the early 1930s, the French dramatist and actor Antonin Artaud put forth a theory for a Surrealist theatre called the Theatre of Cruelty.  Based on ritual and fantasy, this form of theatre launches an attack on the spectators' subconscious in an attempt to release deep-rooted fears and anxieties that are normally suppressed, forcing people to view themselves and their natures without the shield of civilization.  Theatre of Cruelty usually

  • The Legalization Of Marijuana

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    Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana has been illegal since 1937 but before it was bought, sold, and smoked in the United States. This drug was made illegal so people would stop using it but it only made it more popular and more people wanted to feel the effects of this drug. Marijuana is a very controversial subject, and there are many reasons pointing toward why this drug should remain illegal for recreational use. One major topic in the marijuana community is the medical use of this drug. Many

  • The Importance Of Sports And Politics In Sports

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    In recent years, America has seen a rise in police shootings of black men and women, as well as a response from the black community protesting against the injustice being brought upon their race. How exactly does this fit into the NFL? In the past, sports were sports and politics were politics, but since the civil rights era there has been an increase of politics in sports. From Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Olympics to the present day Kaepernick wave of players kneeling during the anthem

  • The Sense Of Belonging Through Human Interaction

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    In one of the most well-known masterpieces by Pink Floyd, “Hey You”, focused on one of the most important aspects of human life – the sense of belonging through human interaction. The lyric highlights Roger Waters’ skill as a brilliant lyricist and composer, who reaches out to his audience with the haunting melody and emotionally-charged lyric. Waters has touched many lives with this piece by explicitly emphasizing on the pain of desolation and disassociation. He constructs his dialogue based on

  • Innocence In Treasure Island

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    There is no single definition of children's literature. It can be defined broadly as anything that children read or more specifically as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novel, or drama. The focus of this essay will be the boyhood of Laurie in Little Women and boyhood of Jim in Treasure Island. These novels were written in different continents, which draw between British and American literary tradition in the 19th century. These novels are compared with respect to the type of adventure and relationship

  • The Dark Room Of The Room

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    The Dark Room The dancers in the room constantly remain in contact with anything the dancers touch. The dancers progress from a wall to the arms of a person to a floor. The connection remains the same through these actions. The points of contact remain with the body, and the dancer starts exploring different perspectives of what the body can do with in relation to the ground. The dancers consistently in contact with the objects around them. In the beginning, a woman walks on the side of the wall

  • Deflategate Case Study

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    Tom Brady did appeal the suspension but it was upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. After the suspension was upheld Tom Brady refused to back down and along with the NFLPA (NFL Players Association) brought the suspension to federal court. The hearing would be done under Judge Berman of the United States District Court for

  • What Are Concussions In Sports?

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    The blow is forceful and sudden. The athlete is hit by a burst of brightness; then darkness arrives. His memory is distorted, everyone has a twin, and you think Niagara Falls is in Florida. You are concussed. Concussions in sports are a very common thing, but athletes should know the risks that come along with playing sports. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy-- an abnormal buildup of tau proteins-- is a brain condition that results from repeated head injuries (Powell 1). Tau proteins have a

  • Ginger Rogers Research Paper

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    star, Ginger Rogers, was born in Independence, Missouri. Ginger, a young and talented girl, grew up to be a famous and one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, America’s most famous city for acting. Ginger grew up to be a very successful actress due to the support and help of family and friends. On July sixteenth of 1911, Lela McMath gave birth to Virginia Katherine McMath. Virginia was born in a front room in a two room house on Moore Street in Independence, Missouri (Ginger Rogers 2010). Virginia

  • It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America Essay

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    It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America Michael Moore exposes corporate America's dark side in Roger and Me, Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint, and The Big One (Moore).  These show that corporate America is committing a form of domestic terrorism by dehumanizing and exploiting their workers then forcing them to the streets to survive. The actions by individuals such as Roger Smith and Phil Knight are perfect examples of capitalists constantly oppressing the working class described