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  • The Roman Army

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    The roman army was a heavily relayed on tool that led the empire in a golden age. The Roman Legions were the spearhead of the empire the revolutionized western civilization with its, art, literature, engineering, history, organization, ingenuity, science, math, polities, and countless other cultural influences. The Romans divided there chain of command into six major officials that made up the legion. The general was appointed by the emperor, and had complete control of the legion, as long as it

  • The Importance Of The Roman Army

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    used to describe the Roman army but was there a more significant purpose to the army? Was the army the reason the Roman Empire conquered so much land? The Roman army was, without question, the guiding force behind the growth of the Roman Empire. The Roman army wasn’t all about fighting; every move they made had a purpose, playing a more prominent part than seen at first glance. The army had great organisation, weapons and training methods. Thesxxxxe are the reasons the Roman Empire conquered so much

  • The Roman Army Essay

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    The Roman Army The Roman army is still admired today by historians and many others alike. How far advanced technologically the Romans were over 2000 years ago still amazes many people today. They built roads that a still used today, their baths are still admired with many still standing and much of today's archaeology dates back to Roman and Greek principals. The Roman army itself was the most feared army of that period and it too is a cause of fascination. Thankfully

  • The Army: Augustus And Augustus Reforms Of The Roman Army

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    The army The army (Elouan) After Marius’ reforms in 107 BC and later Augustus’ reforms, the Roman army was extremely powerful and was able to maintain peace in the Empire. There were around 30 legions, that had more than 6000 soldiers each, had technologically advanced weapons and stabilized the borders to prevent invasions. The army was one of the pillars of the Pax Romana. THE ARMY After Marius’ reforms in 107 BC, serving in the army became a profession instead of a duty performed to Rome. Marius

  • The Roman Army A War Machine

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    The Roman army was the most powerful war machine of its time and arguably many others. It is this vast war machine that facilitated the Roman Empire and its creation. I call the Roman army a war machine because of the meticulous organization the army displayed, organization so thorough it mimics the individual cogs and gears in a machine working in perfect unison to achieve a common goal. The roman army was responsible for developing revolutionary fighting techniques which not only secured Rome’s

  • The Roman Military And The Role Of The Roman Army

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    the army and its use for political purposes during this period. The Roman army was under the control of the Senate but it was also a primary source of power for Pro-praetor and proconsular commanders in political positions and prominent magistrates who aspired to climb the Cursus Honorum. These roles of the army included the maintenance and protection of Rome and its provinces, expansion of the Roman Republic by conquest, and an occupation for the lower class of the Republic. The Roman military

  • The Roman Army Pax Romana Essay

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    legendary Roman legions as the one of the most deadly and respected fighting forces in the ancient world. Even today, stories of their great success and invincibility in the face of their enemies echo on. One can only wonder what the key to their extraordinary success was. How were the Romans able to conquer such a vast empire that spanned over three continents at its height and maintain that power for centuries? That key to Rome’s military success during the Pax Romana period (where the Roman Empire

  • Success of the Roman Army Essay examples

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    The empire that the Roman’s built can be argued to have been the greatest in world history. The Roman Empire controlled the largest land area in European history and influenced a huge region, acting as a cultural center for the entire continent of Europe. Their strength derived from their prowess and skill on the battlefield. The Roman Army was extremely effective and became the basis of our military structure today by utilizing technological advances in strategy and weaponry, and simply having more

  • Pros And Consequences Of The Roman Army

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    INTRODUCTION The Roman Republic conquered and overcame a lot of other cities but to do that they had to Provide Public Services, Promote Rule of Law, Prepare a common defense, Support the economic system and Protect rights, So were they meeting the common good. Providing Public Services When it came down to providing public services the Roman Republic earned B-. The reason it earned a B- because they made roads that were smooth and good to ride on this benefits everyone because people came to trade

  • The Unstopabble Roman Army Essay

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    have been many great armies, however few compare to the great Roman army. The Roman army was the greatest fighting forces of its time and to this day it remains as a model for many armies of modern times. In its time, the Roman army wreaked havoc among its enemies. It was the most feared army of any nation. Only the bravest generals dared to challenge the Romans. The Romans won so many wars due to the fact that they had some of the greatest weapons, generals, and tactics. The Roman army’s greatest strength