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  • Report on Romania

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    ROMANIA Topic 1: State- sponsored description based on sexual orientation Description about Romania Although Romania was originally a part of the Ottoman Empire, several principalities gained their autonomy and then united to join the Axis powers. The greatest impact on Romanian people came from Soviet occupation of the Eastern bloc, which caused an establishment of communism as the main government ideology and led to slow economic growth during the 20th century, a time of rapid industrialization

  • Traditions and Customs in Romania

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    Romania is situated in the southeast of Europe, to the north of the Balkan Mountains. It has a population of about 23 million inhabitants. Most of its people are of Roman origin-in fact, “Romania” means “land of the Romans”. But there are also Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Tartars, and Russians who make up the rest of the population. The official language is Romanian, the only language of Latin origin in Eastern Europe. Brought up to respect religious traditions, the majority of Romanians is Orthodox

  • Geographical Information about Romania

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    Romania is located in the central part of Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Other countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria surround it. Its location put Romania in direct contact with the Roman Empire from 106 C.E. to 271 C.E. Romania’s folk-like beliefs, arts, and culture was inspired by its interaction with the thriving Romans in the Common Era which help shape present-day Romania. Romania was first colonized by a tribe called the Dacians and later

  • Romania 's Struggle With Communism

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    To the world outside, the masked country of Romania, although rarely viewed in media, was known as a picturesque country filled with many profitable resources such as its fertile land, petroleum, and mineral deposits, however, behind the Iron Curtain, lay a more secretive nation, deprived of its rights, ignored by its leaders, and suffering under the taxing regime of Communism. Before Communism was administered, Romania had a trivial communist party which was often overlooked in politics. At the

  • Essay about Timken's Case Study - Market Entry at Romania

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    TIMKEN CASE STUDY1Doan Thi Thu Ha Timken was known as a leading manufacturer of highly engineered bearings and alloy steels and famous for its tapered roller bearings with over 200 types in more than 30,000 sizes. It was also the market leader in mechanical seamless steel tubing and shipped more than one million tons of premium alloy steels annually. Timken was located in Canton, Ohio. However, its operation was not limited in Ohio but in twenty-five countries and employed over 20,000 people

  • A Brief Note On Population Policy Impacted The Quality Of Life For Women During Communist Romania

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    impacted the quality of life for women in communist Romania. It will investigate at the extent of damage that Ceausescu’s anti-abortion policy caused, regarding the role of motherhood, as well as the physical impact felt by women. Romania, as a whole, and every woman who lived to see the day of Nicolae Ceausescus’ execution was going to forever bare the permanent scars of his era. The reign of Ceausescu lasted from 1965 to 1989, when the people of Romania snuffed out his influential flame. In order to

  • Romania Essay

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    the past 32 years (Highlights on Health in Romania). The geography of Romania plays a tremendous role in its people’s ability to thrive. The total land area covers approximately 92,043 square miles, which is just slightly larger than the state of Minnesota. Over two-thirds of the total area is suitable for agriculture. The fertile soil and combination of 3,500 small and medium sized lakes are ideal for farmers and ranchers. The terrain and climate vary from region to region. This diverse ecosystem

  • Romania Essay

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    Today, Romania is one of the fastest-growing economy in Europe. It increased at a 5.8 percent rate at the beginning of the year. Romania is still recovering from the Communist dictator, therefore they are still one of the poorest nations in Europe. The government has been cutting the money supply towards highways and other public works, and instead invested that money into wage raises. These changes in pay and tax cuts has created high economic activity that will leave the country indebted. The people

  • Kaufland Romania

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    Handelshof, Kaufland represents a German hypermarket chain. Their first store opened in 1984 in Neckarsulm and moved along to become a leader in East Germany. Kaufland International owns over 1,000 stores in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. The history of Kaufland company began when Joseph Schwarz entered the “Südfrüchte Großhandlung Lidl & Co” at Heilbronn as a shareholder in 1930, which was afterwards, renamed “Lidl & Schwarz KG”. The next goal of the company

  • Romania Essay

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    Romania is strategically located at the crossroads of the European Union (EU). It is the seventh largest country making up the EU. The country provides both opportunities and challenges to foreign companies and individuals who are interested in investing in its market. Based on the market analysis information, Romania has a lot of opportunities for foreign investors willing to explore its market. However, the investors are likely to encounter a few challenges such as political instability and corruption