Romantic Relationship Essay

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  • Romantic Relationship And Romantic Relationships

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    Multitude of studies have measured aspects that impact people’s relationship with others. A common trend in these studies is researching effects that impact romantic relationships, though few analyze conditions that may impact an individual’s desired age to be married. This study presents evidence found in Stern (2011), Robertson et al. (2014), and McCullough et al. (2012) to further expand on certain aspects that affect an individual’s desired age to be married. Stern (2011) explored a correlation

  • Romantic Relationships

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    Relationship Satisfaction among XU college students who are in a Romantic Relationship Echem, Andrea Ines A. Lomadilla, Muriel E. Montero, Precious Jihan B. Pabelonio, Beia Lyka B. Rationale College counselors report that a real reason that students look for counseling service is because of having problems with their partners (Creasey, Kershaw

  • The Common Romantic Relationship Relationships

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    are involved in a romantic relationship or will be eventually. The most common romantic relationship includes the sexual dating relationship, the domestic partnership, and the marriage. The adults or partners involved in these relationships inevitably reach a point of conflict and how they react to the conflict can show whether the partners are a securely, avoidant, or anxious attached person. The securely attached adults usually have a positive view when dealing with relationship issues. Whereas,

  • Conflicts in Romantic Relationships

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    CONFLICT IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS As long as people have gotten romantically involved with one another, there has been conflict within those relationships. Some people argue that conflict is bad for the relationship and will ultimately lead to the demise of that relationship. Others argue that the conflict is good for the relationship and will help it to flourish. Conflict can be both positive and negative for a relationship. It can both help and hinder the relationship. No matter

  • Romantic Relationships : The Romantic Construal Model

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    Thought Paper After reading the chapter “Romantic Communication in Intimate Relationships: The Romantic Construal Model”, I was left with a lot of new knowledge. The Romantic Construal Model, which identifies how people judge romantic acts via personalization, specialness and conveyed value, is something that I had never heard of before and enjoyed learning about, but like with any new concept I was left with lots of questions as well as relations to other things I have previously learned. For this

  • Constructing Romantic Relationships

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    variables are included in the scale to accurately measure what we are looking for, which are the effects. Each question reflects how either negative attachments or positive attachments affects the way people get engage in romantic relationships. Questions such as “It helps to turn to my romantic pattern in times of need, ” “I turn to my partner for many things, including comfort and reassurance,” “I do not often worry about being abandoned,” and “I usually discuss my problems and concerns with my partner

  • Comparison Of Romantic Relationships

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    M. (2012). Comparisons of close relationships: An evaluation of relationship quality and patterns of attachment to parents, friends, and romantic partners in young adults. Canadian Journal Of Behavioural Science / Revue Canadienne Des Sciences Du Comportement, 44(4), 245-256. doi:10.1037/a0028013 The article explains how the study was being investigate with parents participating relationship quality and attachment patterns in relationships to friends and romantic partners to test two competing models

  • Conflict in Romantic Relationship

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    Georgia Perimeter Conflict in romantic relationship Conflicts in romantic relationship Conflicts occur in our relationship when we find dissimilarities in our opinion. It is very natural that disagreements come to the relationships, and conflicts occur. There are no interpersonal relationships without conflicts (Wood 230). Conflicts may also come in romantic relationships. Now, what is romantic relationship? As Wood says, self-concept, proximity, and similarity are the three main things

  • The Model Of Romantic Relationships

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    Introduction Relationships can be complicated and often times identifying where a couple is at on a relationship continuum is challenging. The ABCDE model of romantic relationships explains the process of how a relationship develops over time and provides one with additional understanding. The A stands for attraction, B for the building of a relationship, C for the continuation, D for the deterioration, and E signifying the end (Nevid, Rathus, & Rathus, 2014). Within this paper, this writer will

  • Relationship Between Platonic And Romantic Relationships

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    network of platonic and romantic relationships. Extra-familial relationships become more central in an individual’s social world; thus, an individual’s capacity for intimate relationships begins to develop with both friends and romantic partners (Allen & Land, 1999). Simultaneously, a romantic partner quickly becomes the focus in one’s relationship hierarchy (Collins & van Dulmen, 20006). Each emerging adult’s relationship quality as well as their attachment bond with their romantic partners constitutes