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  • The Aspects Of Happiness In John Penn's Into The Wild

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    “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” -- Thoreau In American society, people fill their lives with work in hopes of securing a rewarding job and a superb reputation -- often forgetting about their morals and happiness. Human beings from all social classes aim for reaching ‘success’, regularly forgetting some of the more meaningful, if more abstract, ideals of life -- like friendship

  • Christopher Mccandless Character Analysis

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    Christopher McCandless, a wayward and determined adventurer, set out on a journey to test his ability to endure the wilderness of many extreme climates and to explore his willingness to test fate itself. In short, McCandless survived his first excursions into inhospitable lands, but ultimately perished during his final trip, the trip to Alaska. McCandless’ upbringing and his relationships with others shaped him into the man he was and dictated what impact he wanted to make. Along his path to self-discovery

  • Analysis Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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    The book ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer is based on a true story of Christopher J McCandless, a well educated and able young man who chased after his dreams and ambitions of escaping the wealth and materialism of society for a free life in nature. Soon after graduating from Emory University, Chris gave up the balance of his education savings account to OXFAM and disappeared from society to live a life of autonomy and adventure into the Alaskan wilderness, This wild adventure ultimately led to his

  • Harry Potter - The Next Chapter

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    my not telling them about this. Harry handed my letter to Ron, who read it as well. “Blimey! So you two, you’re brother and sister? That’s bloody mad!” he exclaimed in his cute, crude, blunt way. “So, you get why you can’t tell anyone, right? Not even your family?” I asked Ron. “’Course, Mione, but you won’t even tell the Grangers?” “Why

  • Brief Bio of The Stooges

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    When you think of The Stooges what's the first thought that pops into your head? Probably a 50 year old, prune like, Iggy Pop running around like a mad yoke to the video for 'Lust For Life' from the Trainspotting soundtrack. That's okay. I'm here to tell you about the original 'Proto-Punk' (a nascent predecessor of punk) band, the intense, raucous and truly bizarre, The Stooges. Without this band would rock music have turned out the same way we know it? Would the evolution of punk vary from what

  • Comparison Of Freud And Jentsch 's Concept Of The Uncanny

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    In 1919, Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, published his own psychological investigation on the notion of “uncanny.”  Previous studies were conducted on this subject by the German psychologist Ernst Anton Jentsch, and served as the starting point for Freud’s analysis. However, the feeling of “uncanny” was not an easy concept to identify. Jentsch concluded that it fits in the area of the fear of the unfamiliar and intellectual uncertainty. Freud, with some opposition to Jentsch’s

  • Who Can Save America?

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    Who Can Save America? The Rand-yman can! Rand Paul, the son of famous libertarian Ron Paul presidential candidate, and Kentucky senator began running for the position of president of the United States of America, on April 7th 2015 under the Republican Party. He ran under the slogan Defeat the Washington machine. Unleash the American dream, and promised to be a non-establishment Republican president. Rand Pal is by far the best candidate for the presidency in all fields, but more specifically, for

  • Harry Potter And The Sorcerer 's Stone

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    accomplish more than they ever would have on their own. One example from the book is hen Ron Weasley walks into Harry 's room on the train, the two boys begin a friendship that will last throughout their time at Hogwarts. They share their stories, their family problems, and eventually candy. Another scenario in this book is when Draco Malfoy offers his evil hand of friendship to Harry in the same sentence as he badmouths Ron, Harry refuses. He informs Draco that Harry needs no help

  • The Legacy Of A Good President

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    On April 7, 2015, Rand Paul announced, "I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government.” This put him in the running for the 2016 presidential nomination. Rand Paul is a republican and the son of Ron Paul, Rand Paul started his political career in 2008 when he started to get involved in a group known as the Tea Party. He announced he would run for a seat in the Kentucky Senate in 2009, He won and became a senator for Kentucky. He has been a United

  • Polarized Parties Are Good For America Essay

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    In his essay “Polarized Parties Are Good for America”, Matthew Yglesias asserts that the two-party system is ideal for America. He begins by stating that polarization is bad for elites, as it leaves little to no room for “self-styled players”. He then suggests that the two-party system is beneficial for voters, insisting that having clearly labeled candidates creates a “menu” that allows the masses to know what they’re voting for from the start. He concludes by stating that the problem isn’t in partisanship