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  • The Room Number Of High School

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    The room number was 17B located in the silent, empty hallway. Mark Dunn slowly trudged through the hallway alone to the room. The only thing with him was his old, hand-me-down backpack. He opened the door to the sight of rows of kids, all scribbling down numbers on paper. It was the day for the last quiz for his Advanced Geometry course. Mark’s freshman year of high-school was slowly creeping to a close and teachers were desperately trying to squeeze in quizzes, tests, and assignments. Mark had come

  • Ineffective Human Resources Leads At The Performance Gap Essay

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    Ineffective Human Resources leads to the performance gap. There is no doubt that there are an insufficient number of lab technicians which might have caused deficiencies in human resources. However, the organization has eminently framed the lab hours of the diagnostic department in a structured way, so that a technician is available for every scheduled appointment at each lab. Dr. Lalitha agreed on early check up for Mrs. Kumari. She has eminently utilized the available time generated due to the

  • My First Day Of College

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    First day of College Hearing so many good things and bad things about college I didn’t know what to expect and look forward to. That change my junior year knowing different college come every year I didn’t really pay it any mind what college I wanted to go to until ODU, Virginia State University and Virginia Teach came. It was Virginia State first year of visiting out school and I knew I wanted to go there I start getting e excited for college that were talking about their experience at college

  • Social Norm Research Paper

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    should be taken to the rooms. I followed it all the time but, many times my father or my uncle will take their food in their room to eat. I ask them all the time that we are not allowed to eat and

  • Short Story- First Day Essay

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    I slowly look up at the class, seeing what seems like hundreds of eyes all staring straight at me. I quickly scan the room for any possible new friends. All of this just taking a few seconds but seeming like a lifetime. I slowly and gingerly move my left foot forward to take my first step into my new classroom. I slowly begin to walk into the room, turning round to shut the door that seems to have stopped creaking. As the door clicks shut, I take another deep breath

  • The Art Of Caring - Original Writing

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    The Art of Caring It all began with a simple phone call one night after dinner. “John,” my father hollered up the stairs, “It’s for you. It’s Jackie, and she sounds distressed.” As I came down the stairs to pick up the phone, I was not happy. I was tired and had looked forward to a nice quiet evening at home, not another stupid adventure with Jackie. Thirty minutes later, Jackie’s silver Mustang convertible swung into our driveway, and Jackie was leaning on the horn before the car came to a full

  • Descriptive Essay About Window Shopping

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    On the first day we arrived in Monterey we had lunch at a family dinners we found before exploring the area. Since we had arrived late and couldn’t go to the aquarium that day like we had originally planned. So for the rest of the day we went window shopping because there were several small shops in the area near the aquarium. There was one store in particular that we all had found interesting it was a glass makers shop. Inside the shop there were different glass plates, bowls, and vases in varying

  • Her Breaking Point

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    "You must be Brooklyn," the middle aged lady, behind the counter, beams. Her warm greeting seemed to calm my growing nerves. She leans over the counter abruptly, wrapping her strong arms around my body. The nerves were back. As soon as she pulls away my eyes scan the small shop, searching for any possible audience. Luckily the only other person inside was oblivious to the situation. The stranger instantly grasps my attention; his lean body was nearly pressed against the shelf, and his head darts

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Capri was in a deep sleep when the phone in the room rang. He reached over and picked up the receiver. “Hello,” a female in a soft sexy voice said. “Hello,” he replied. “Who is this?” he asked in his groggy voice. “It’s me … Tamika!” Still in a daze, Capri asked, “Did you say Tamika?” “Yes!” For a moment or so, it seemed like a dream. He just can’t picture her name or her voices. “Tamika?” Finally his memory came together and he realized he wasn’t dreaming after all

  • Safety And Security Of A Hotel Through Efficient Lodging Services

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    Executive summary The report includes how to maintain safety and security in the hotel through efficient lodging services. Moreover, it contains the risk of theft and suspicious behavior by the guests and staff and strategies to be implemented in order to reduce the negative outcomes arising from them. The sources of disturbances occurring in a hotel will be analyzed, and effective measures on how to remedy them are included. As key control procedures are important to maintain security of the establishment