Rosamund Kwan

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    Closing the door of his impeccably carved armoire, Adelmar turned and pulled his tunic down over his chest, noting how loosely it fit. He had never been strapped with muscle, even in his youth, but ruling Bahnir required more mental fortitude than physical prowess, and the wear was beginning to show. The auburn hair at his temples was losing a great battle to unwelcome, blanched invaders, and lines of worry had taken up residence at his brow. He looked over to his wife as she changed into more

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    A rather snobby-looking man entered the large, bustling banquet room with his nose in the air. Maintaining an air of superiority and indifference, he had hoped to avoid the attention of others as he made his way to his seat at the great banquet table. As he sat in his seat, the ruby pendant that hung low from his long neck clinked against his assortment of golden necklaces. Narrowing his eyes, he carefully scanned the crowd of other attendees and adjusted his fur-laced maroon cloak. These oafs had

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    Rosamund Pike said, “When the eyes are on you for the first time, you can 't believe that people aren 't criticizing you,” and after her fantastic acting performance as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl no one should criticize her. Gone Girl is full of brilliant acting by many of the characters, but the actress that stood out the most to me was Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne. The theme of the movie is that everyone has to conform to some stereotype deemed “okay” by society in order to be liked. We all have to

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