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  • Year-Round Schools

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    Should School Be Year-Round Year-round schools have gained popularity among the United States, being a very communicated topic within middle class communities. These schools are generally argued about by whether they are beneficial or not. While there are many advantages to year-round schools, there are some disadvantages as well. A few of these disadvantages include the expenses of the schools, the schedules the schools provide, the involvement within the schools, and the actual effectiveness of

  • Year-Round School

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    Year-Round School Imagine a school year that never ends. A year without summer, relaxation, and vacations with family. Summer is the time of year that every student cannot wait arrive. But what if the playful time filled with friends, smiles, and laughter did not exist? What if school remained in session year-round? This is happening in 3,181 schools across America and is gradually increasing ( The government calls it: Year-Round School. There are both many pros and cons to this

  • School Year-Round School

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    headline reads, "School Year-round!" Year-round school means that schools will be in session for twelve months per year. Currently, most school in the United States are in session for nine months per year. I disagree that the United States' schools should be in session year-round, because more time at school will not solve our education issues and will create financial problems. Most importantly, improving the U.S. educational system by increasing the time attending school will not improve

  • Year Round School Advantages

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    Have you ever considered the benefits of year-round schooling for students? Year-rounding schooling can offer students a better educational experience which later will help benefit them with their career choices. Year-round schooling can offer a great experience and can be approve to be a great asset to many children. Year-round schooling will help students gain knowledge that will better prepare them for college and other opportunities for their future. The three most important things are the

  • The Year-Round School

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    Year round schooling is not recommended, in my eyes. I think this because all year you sit at a desk and do work for 365 days. It's not fun, parents could not plan for any vacations or a trip out of state. Also, the students will get to recharge their minds, for the next year. The break will give the students three months to visit family members and plan for vacations. The year round will make it more complicated for the parents. Although year-round schooling has saved more money for the parents

  • Year Round School: Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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    Most schools in the United States of America follow the traditional 180-day schooling system. A system that was set in the 19th century, when schooling for children began with a 10-week vacation. During that period of time students would help their families on the farm during the summer. Today everything has changed, today we live in the 21st century, and the question is should schools stay the same or should they be year round. Year round school is a school that goes year-round. Year round school

  • School Vs. Year-Round School

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    May, almost June, and the whole school is ready for summer vacation. The nice weather, the pool, and everything else good about summer. But the school recently switched to a year round schedule. Summer vacation isn’t for another two months, and it is only about twenty days long. The students don’t have time after school to go to the pool or do fun summer things, because they will be in school five days a week, like a normal school week. This is what many schools around the country are doing.

  • School-Year-Round School Benefits

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    Having year round school would be beneficial educationally, but personally as a student I believe it’s not a good idea. Kids love having a big break off school to have the opportunity to go places. I usually travel in the summer and if I only had 3-4 weeks it wouldn’t work out. Last summer I went to Texas and I wouldn’t have been able to do most of the activities I did because they only had them on certain days. Also 5 summers ago my family and I flew out to Germany. We spent two weeks there, but

  • Positive Types Of Year-Round School

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    Year-round schools are becoming very popular in today’s society. Many schools have changed their school year to year-round and still have the same 180 days that the traditional schools have. The schools that changed from the traditional school year to the year-round school have found many positive things about this type of school year. The old way of schools being out in the summer is a thing of the past. The traditional way was originally set up many years ago so the kids could help out on the farm

  • School Vs Year Round School

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    Year-round school may seem appealing at first, with increased time in the classroom and less time being “useless”, but it’s more complicated than that. More time in the classroom may not be perfect as it seems, summer break is more useful than it suggests, and schools will have more problems with staying open year-round. You have to think of the students and staffs mentality, too. Not all researchers agree that more time is better, and studies such as ones published in the Economics of Education