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  • Year-Round Schooling

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    school over the long summer break, so teachers must spend the beginning of the next school year reviewing this information instead of teaching new lessons (Ballinger and Kneese 2). Students could learn significantly more material in school with a year-round schedule because they would remember more of the previous information they have learned. Many failing schools have a large proportion of students from disadvantaged homes, and these students are more prone to summer learning loss (3). Since this loss

  • Year Round Schooling

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    individual needs and evaluate the trials from schools that have gone before them to decide if year-round schooling would benefit their school. The first year-round school was opened in 1904 in Bluffton, Indiana with the intent to increase school-building

  • Disadvantages Of Year-Round Schooling

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    YEAR-ROUND SCHOOLING Many families are satisfied about year-round schooling; 88% or more are positive about year-round schooling. Only 2% of the 88% disliked the idea of year-round schooling. Even though 48.1% of teachers, students, and families were unpleased first hearing of year-round schooling, they ended up having a positive reaction later (Varner, 1). Many people are having positive reactions to year-round schooling because student seem to be more interested in their classes, there seems to

  • The Importance Of Year-Round Schooling

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    Year round schooling is a system that lengthens the amount of days spent in school by shortening the duration of vacations. Although students may think otherwise, year round schooling should be enforced in schools today. Year round schooling keeps students stimulated, throughout the entire school year. Year round schooling improves a student's academic and social performance as well as supporting families’ financial strains. If year round schooling is not enforced, the academic scores of the students

  • The Issue Of Year-Round Schooling

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    Whether Florida should become a year-round schooling state is a new issue. Year-round school is when the bread is broken up and scattered throughout the school year. The children would go to school for a few weeks, then get a few weeks off. This process would repeat. Floridians should not go to year-round schooling because the constant breaks are disruptive and teens can’t get summer jobs to help pay for college. However, many believe children won’t forget information with the short breaks. There

  • The Benefits Of Year-Round Schooling

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    throughout the United States wait all year in anticipation for their summer vacation. The traditional calendar has been shown to be a way to relieve the stress and hard work that comes with the school year and gives children a needed time off. Year-round schooling (YRS) gives students the same amount of school and vacation by breaking summer vacation into segments. One of the reasons is to eliminate learning loss that occurs over the summer, but YRS has not shown any conclusive results. With each calendar

  • Year Round Schooling Essay

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    Year Round Schooling The education system in the United States is an ever-evolving institution. As a country we have progressed from one-room schoolhouses, to segregated classrooms, to online learning environments. Congress is constantly passing legislation to better our public school systems and minimize costs to taxpayers. Individual states have also implemented various new systems to try and maximize their education potential. One such alternative is year round schooling. Year

  • Year-Round Schooling Analysis

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    “Year-Round Schooling Explained” by Jaclyn Zubrzycki, “Stop the Summer Slide” by Nina Rees, and “Kids Need Year Round Schools to Compete” by Anne McFeatters, year-round school sounds like an extraordinary idea for schools. Year-round schools seem to be a way to bring in more breaks, but more schooling involved. Multi-week summers end in money loss of parents, and academic loss in students. Also, year-round demonstrates new ideas and concepts of academic success. In “Year-Round Schooling Explained”

  • Year-Round Schooling Benefits

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    commonly even every week, just to put their children in safe programs, camps, and clubs. Although when thinking of summer break, you generally foresee younger kids who cannot watch themselves. This doesn’t necessarily apply to teenagers, but year-round schooling is balanced wisely and offers more breaks periodically, which arguably benefits everything; benefits toward all sides of the spectrum, moreover from Financials, parental

  • The Value Of Year-Round Schooling

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    year round schooling so the information they learned can stay with them for the following years. Also, in the article “A Lesson in the Value of Summer”, paragraph 19, they said that, “Increasing summer school may be a good educational policy for raising standardized test scores.” Making a point that having education year round will make sure you grades stay up. Some may argue that summer vacation is needed for a time for your brain to take