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  • Playpumps International Case Study

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    PlayPumps International aims to alleviate the water crisis in Africa by providing safe, sanitary drinking water to prevent diseases spreading. They also plan to reduce the manual labour and long distances that usually women would endure to haul water [12]. So far, products have been installed in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland [12].The goal of PlayPumps International is to build 5000 PlayPumps and benefit up to 10 million people with clean drinking water. They claim that the roundabout can spin

  • Intersection Literature Review

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    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1 Unsignalized Intersection Types According to Control Uncontrolled. Uncontrolled intersection is an intersection that is not controlled by any regulatory sign or traffic signal from any direction. However, this type of intersection requires the drivers to yield to any vehicle or pedestrian that is already passing or crossing the road. This type of unsignalized intersection is created for low-volume roads, usually in rural or residential areas (ITE, 2005). Figure

  • Problems Associated With The Traffic Of Passenger Car Unit ( Pcu )

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    location. However at intersection, the values may change as the parameters vary at intersection as compared to a mid block section hence the PCU values at rotary intersection is found using the occupancy approach. Keywords: Ocupancy time , PCU, Roundabouts I. INTRODUCTION: Traffic in developing countries like India is highly heterogeneous in nature, which is characterized by the presence of vehicles of different categories having varying physical and operational characteristics over a wider range

  • Traffic Congestion At Janta Crossing Essay

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     For last four year, We are known about traffic congestion at Janta crossing which is at Vidhya nagar to GIDC road and NH-48 (ANAND- SOJITRA HIGH WAY, which connect to SAURASTA).  Reason behind it have many key features are there which are 1) Tirupati HP petrol pump 2) SBI bank (branch of GIDC) 3) ELECON group 4) Vegetable market 5) GIDC main entry road 6) AMAR Maruti car show room and service station 7) CNG gas station 8) Glossary and snack shops 9) Vidhyanagar railway station Therefore, Traffic

  • The Pros And Cons Of Estes Roadway

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    year. Again there would have to be a little construction, however, the cost to make this solution a reality would be much more cost efficient for the tax payers’ dollars. Finally, the third option is to completely redesign the intersection as a roundabout. The average cost to put an intersection in is just underneath 450,000 dollars (FHWA, 2015). That number however does not even begin to cover the operating expenses of the intersection. WSDOT amounts the cost of maintenance and electricity per

  • Analysis Of Dinner With Friends By Donald Margulies

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    There were many plays that I could have chosen from, but this one Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies caught my attention. I found it so interesting and very well written which made me want to actually write my director’s notebook about.     I chose this play because I liked how it was being told. The way the author wrote this  play was very unique. I also liked the play itself because a lot of these stuff are happening today in the world we live in and so there is a lot of comparing between

  • Water Supply And Sanitation Within South Africa

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    Although there are a wide variety of contributing factors and issues related to water supply and sanitation within South Africa, some are more prominent than others. One of these is the continuously increasing amounts of people moving into the city from smaller areas and villages; these larger, more dense populations of people have also increased the water demand. To keep up and hopefully adapt to these largely increasing needs for clean and readily available water in the cities, many plans to prevent