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  • Essay on History of Rumba, Merengue and Salsa

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    the Caribbean are the Rumba, The Merengue, and the Salsa. The word Rumba is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “a ballroom dance of Haitian and Dominican origin in 2/4 time in which one foot is dragged on every step.” Here, however, Rumba is a collection of percussive rhythms, song and dance that originated in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves and Spanish colonizers. The term

  • What Property Did Rumba Lease From Owner? Essay

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    ii. What Property Did Rumba Lease from Owner? Assuming, arguendo, that the insured has a contractual obligation to insure the owner’s property, in order to fall within subsection (A)(1)(b), the property must be leased. Notably, any personal property must be leased pursuant to the March 11, 2015, lease agreement, because that is the agreement from which the contractual obligation to insure the property might arise. The leased property as described in the lease agreement is: “those certain premises

  • Essay about Afro-Cuban Music

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    danced a single male. It is the most difficult of all three rumbas, with a very fast tempo. The instruments used in the rumba each play a key part and are essential in constructing the unique sound of the rumba. The claves, a pair of wooden sticks struck against one another, begin the rumba. They help keep the rhythm and often accelerate the pulse and vary the patterns of the rumba. They also set the tempo and the mood of the rumba. The Conga drums, also essential, are barrel shaped and have varying

  • Dance Salsa Theory

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    It was interesting seems people come together and dance different music. I heard playing salsa and tango music. I have watched movies about tango, but watching normal people dancing tango was shocking. I was very impressed with an older couple dancing tango. They were dancing and at the same time they were connecting with each other. They looked like a regular boring couple, but dancing tango they look like they were intimate with each other. They did the basic steps, but they were swinging around

  • Cuban Music Research Paper

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    Cuban Music, popular genres and artist When visiting Cuba, you will hear the drums and see the people dancing from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Cubans are known for their Afro-Caribbean music of salsa, cha-cha, son, rumba and many more different music styles influenced by both Spain and Africa. Cuban music is dance music, meaning that if you are planing to go to a Cuban nightclub be prepared to dance or move out of the dance floor. Cuban music is traced back to the cabildos, they

  • Samba Dance Research Paper

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    * Samba Samba is a Latin dance style that is Brazilian in origin. There are different forms of Samba dancing that are performed to Latin music of the same name. Some Samba styles are for individuals while others are for couples. The speed of the samba dance varies depending on the music and the style is one of the most popular Latin dances. * Mambo The Mambo dance style originated in Cuba and its signature movement is a three-beat step while moving forward and backward and shifting weight from

  • Research Paper On Jig Shoes

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    Jig shoes are great for professional and amateur dancers who want to perfect their performance. Jig Foo shoes are used for practice as well as actual perfomances in front of an audience. While dancers should do most of their practicing with quality activewear, they should eventually move on to the shoes they'll wear to perform. The Jig Foo Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women have a Nubuck finish. They feature a 1.6" Cuban heel, which has a metal shank from the heel to the front of the shoe. This

  • Dance In Latin America

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    civilization crumble to dust, and the modern youth working hard to earn a living in modern urban ghettos. All these people were able to express themselves freely through their music. History of Latin America dancing Long before people came to know about rumba or salsa dance, the ancient people of both South and Central America were developing what is currently known as the Latin dance. These styles of dances were profoundly influenced by the European and the African modes of dancing in both the movements

  • Homageddon Advertisement Analysis Essay

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    current 'relatable' memes and music. To spread the message, Truth Orange focuses mainly on cats that are famous from their appearances in a wide array of YouTube videos. The commercials show a cat that plays the piano, another cat gliding around on a Rumba, and cats chasing laser pointers. The primary target audience is young adults

  • Music And Dance Of The Caribbean

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    MUSI 1004 Term Project A. Video Review on the video of: “The JVC/ Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology of Music and Dance of the Americas –Volume 4: Music and Dance of the Caribbean” In this video review, I am going to discuss the musical background and components observed in the video about the Music and Dance of the Caribbean from Latin America. On the background of Caribbean music: the Amerindians are the first people that have settled in the Caribbean and thus are the pioneers of Caribbean