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  • Character Analysis Of Rumble Fish By Rusty James

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    starts to follow the Motorcycle boy around to seem tougher and uncovers a new side of the Motorcycle boy. The antagonist of Rumble Fish is not really a person but poverty. His dad drinks away the child support money and is always drunk. Rusty is left to fend for himself which makes him steal and drink and smoke and fight for money. The two main themes of Rumble Fish are alienation and abandonment. Rusty James is just trying to fit in but all the gangs split up and he has nowhere to go

  • Rumble Fish By Francis Ford Coppola

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    Rumble Fish The novel-based American drama movie Rumble Fish was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1983-the author of the novel S.E. Hinton also co-wrote the screen play. The cinematographer is Stephen Burum, the music is by Stewart Copeland, and the editor is Barry Malkin and the. Zoetrope Studios produced the movie with a 10-million-dollar budget (Clarke). The plot is primarily about the struggles of the main two characters, Rusty James (Matt Dillon) and his older brother the Motorcycle Boy

  • Examples Of Life Lessons In The Outsiders

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    In the story The Outsiders, there is many life lessons that could help many people. Ranging from the people you hang out with, to people who need your help. You should always treat people how you want to be treated,even if that means giving something up. The main character, Ponyboy, experiences certain events in the story that makes you realize that these kind of conflicts are a reality. Ponyboy lives with his two brothers, Darry and Soda. Their parents died in a car crash. Ponyboy never realized

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    spine. The rolling hills shift in temperature. I break to the golden gates of home. The carefully chiseled arches stand tall, unafraid of the sudden bleak climate. I tremble with uneasiness and wish my dress can swallow me. ‘’Persephone!’’ a deep rumble trails behind me. The ground wobbles in horror. I swivel around quick and get light headed at the sight in front of me. A scream would never exit my body, it froze in dread. There stood the devil, King of the Underworld, Hades. Hades palm crashed

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Short Story

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    I clenched my stomach with both arms and twirled in a circle. “So...h-h-hungry!” “Hurry up, Howie!” My Dad said to my 5 year old little brother who hardly made it into the glass elevator. As we started going up to our floor, my stomach started to rumble and it felt like there was a black hole forming in it. “How about this,” my Mom whispered as we wandered through the long and narrow hallway to our room, “you can eat some of the snacks we have back in the room and we’ll chill out until dinner.”

  • Rumble Fish

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    In thinking of film's that are able to exemplify many film elements that are put together in an interesting and organized manner the movie Rumble Fish comes to mind. The director Francis Ford Coppola demonstrates how metaphors are able to help decipher a deeper meaning of the film. Rumble Fish is a film that is about growing up and seeing new things that have never been seen before. The two main characters who are brothers Rusty James and the Motorcycle Boy, experience internal conflicts. Rusty

  • Theme Of Friendship In The Outsiders

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    friendship. Courage is crucial to be able to overcome obstacles and help others. Courage is a big theme in The Outsiders. For example, Ponyboy showed a lot of courage when he decided to fight in the rumble. He wasn’t in good shape as he had lost weight and was very tense. However, he fought in the rumble regardless to show his gang that he

  • Rumble Fish Analysis

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    including, The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. All of her writing focuses on young adult literature and teenage angst. Many of you may have thought Hinton is a male author from first glance at her name, but little

  • Analysis Of The Book ' American Writers '

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    Out of all the amazing American writers no one compares to S.E. Hinton, better known as Susan Eloise Hinton. Early life of Ms. Hinton was no different from anyone else. Susan Hinton wrote a lot of amazing and inspiring books; her books were also about teens. Whether you are intrigued by the early life, works, or about her writings of S.E. Hinton you will learn that she leads a remarkable life. Hinton was born July 22, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Will Rogers High School this is where most

  • S.E. Hinton Will Change History

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    Uprising S. E Hinton will change history and indicated the diversity between rich and poor at the age of 17. Hinton is a significant author who had been implanted into cultural literacy such as her first book that showed readers about adolescences trying to survive in the world. According to Antoine Wilson’s biography “…you should know about S.E. Hinton is that the “S. E.” stands for Susan Eloise, and that Susan Eloise is a woman”(Wilson 7). The life of a remarkable woman who changed history forever