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    The photo “Statue of Marshal Ney in the Fog” was taken by the famous artist Brassaï in 1932, one year before the publishing of his book “Paris de Nuit”, a collection of night photographies of the French capital, mostly representing empty gardens and streets in the rain and fog. The picture, featured in the collection, is a clear example of his early artistic period, which coincides with his first approach to photography itself. In the scene we can see the main element, a monument representing the

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    1. Ford Motor Company engages in a number of business-level strategies. Three of the most important are where the company sells, where it produces, and what it produces. With respect to where Ford sells, it has chosen the strategy of being a global automobile company. The company outlines this strategy as a matrix with product strategy (what it produces). Ford's geographic/product strategy matrix is as follows. The company operates around the world, selling in almost every country. It has special

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    The Constitutionalisation of the Treaties by the European Court of Justice Introduction ============ On it's formation in 1957 the European Economic Community Treaty[1] was seemingly another international treaty to which the six original Member States[2] had signed. In the realm of international law such treaties are binding merely on the governments of Member States which have signed them. In it's essential provisions, the Treaty made reference only to the

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    Abstract The paper examines project management methodology for development and deployment of a software information system. It investigates several project management methodologies such as Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. The paper incorporates a project management plan, which includes critical path analysis and work breakdown structuring. Critical analysis, for instance, methodically partitions large tasks into action points and deliverables, and identifies contingencies for completion

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    title: author: publisher: isbn10 | asin: print isbn13: ebook isbn13: language: subject publication date: lcc: ddc: subject: Common Knowledge : How Companies Thrive By Sharing What They Know Dixon, Nancy M. Harvard Business School Press 0875849040 9780875849041 9780585258171 English Organizational learning, Business enterprises-Communication systems, Intellectual cooperation, Information networks--Economic aspects, Success in business. 2000 HD58.82.D585 2000eb 658.4/5 Organizational learning, Business

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