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  • Descriptive Essay On Horses

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    “Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I will show you a horse,” said unknown. Traditionally, horses have always been a major fragment of my life. Following this, imagine a little girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes, mounted atop a horse that is painted brown and white, almost like a cow. Furthermore, horses have evolved my life, and have rescued me when I needed it the most. Saturday morning could not come soon enough, I was going to my friend’s house, and had a high suspicion that we would

  • Saddle Bags Essay

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    Saddle bags are a great addition to your saddle. From its original leather material, saddle bags are now made out of synthetic material. There are different kinds of Saddle bags that can fit your needs. An important part of the equine track, since the first saddle was invented, is a saddle bag. It is a great addition to your saddle. Since there are things that a person likes to carry with him, saddle bags are good for: * water bottles * rain coat * cell phones and others Saddle bags are originally

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why Did It Happened?

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    the stirrup. As soon as I got on Samson near the fence, he started to kick and buck with me being on him. I held the reins as tight as I could to get a good grip and tried to sit in the saddle from falling off the horse. Soon, Christina told me to get off Samson. I did just that as I swung my leg over the saddle and landed on the dirt.

  • Controlled Fire During The Paleolithic Period

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    Controlled Fire in the Paleolithic Period (2.6 million B.C. – 10,000 B.C.) The origins of controlled fire go back to the Paleolithic Period, by early humans some of the evidence takes us all the way back to East Africa. The use of controlled fire was a big and important development for these early humans, this tool could be handled in so many ways not only provided them food but also shelter, and protection. The development of controlled fire meant that food could be haunted and cooked immediately

  • Analysis Of Adolf Loos's Ornament And Crime

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    Showing one of his saddles to one of the leaders of the movement, a professor, he finds that his saddles aren't modern. Despite his best attempts, the saddler couldn't create a saddle that would meet the high expectations of the professor. This professor finally tells the saddler that he simply lacks the imagination needed, and that the professor will make designs for a modern saddle for him. The next morning, the master saddler returns to find the professor with 49 designs for saddles (one from each

  • The Process of Saddling a Horse Essay

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    ties. Before you start you need to gather a saddle pad, western saddle, and a western cinch. The cinch can be any type but you may need help in finding the right size that is best for your horse. Ask a knowledgeable person like a salesperson, a riding instructor or a friend for help with finding the right size cinch for your horse. To put the cinch on the saddle there should be a leather strap that hangs down from a d-ring attached to the saddle. The strap should have several holes in it

  • My Horse-Personal Narrative

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    gentle, forgiving breath of my horse ever so slightly ease into my hand. It was a cold show morning at the barn. I tacked up my horse. Then I slipped the bridle over my horse’s ears and stepped out into the rising sun of the dawn. As I swung into the saddle, I could tell that the show was going to be fantastic! I trotted up into the dressage arena. As I trotted up the hill I could feel my horse lunging forward, every move so elegant and powerful. I trotted into the dressage when I heard the bell. Before

  • Creative Writing: Duvall's Trail

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    Jake opened his pocket watch, tipping the crystal face toward the low flames of the campfire. Another hour before daylight and he’d pick up Duvall’s trail. The muscles in his jaw clenched, hate pulling at every part of him. He’d kill Duvall, and he’d do it with Texas’ silent blessing. No judge had pronounced a sentence, but Jake saw the outlaw pull the trigger—watched Harrison die. He glanced at Kat, resenting his decision to take her along. If he wasn’t a man of his word, he’d break his deal. They’d

  • Horse's Jumping

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    Lewczuk, Sloniewski, and Reklewski, (2006). Had completed and published a major research work entitled as Repeatability of the horse's jumping parameters with and without the rider. The aim of this study was to investigate the repeatabilities of jumping parameters that seem to be most often discussed by breeders. Video image analysis was used to study measurements which described the silhouette of horse’s bascule (when the highest position of withers is observed) and taking off and landing distances

  • Barrel Racing Essay

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    Barrel racing is a timed event in rodeos where a rider and horse try to complete a clover leaf pattern in the fastest time. It takes skills from the rider and the horse to make a good run. It takes good athletic ability from the horse and good horsemanship from the rider to take a horse safely through the barrels. The judges set up the barrels in a triangle in the center of the arena. There is normally a flagger in the ring that waves a flag when you start and waves it again when you cross the finish