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  • Faith And Reason In Saint Thomas Aquinas's The Confessions

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    consciously making sense of things and apply knowledge. Faith is the complete and total trust or confidence in someone or something. It can either be the belief in God or in the principles of religion. Faith and reason have each been sources of rationalization for religious belief. Many different authors provide evidence for the claim faith and reason is compatible. Saint Augustine believes that faith provides us with reason, but without reason faith would have never been known to man. Man’s knowledge

  • Marquet Turn The Ship Around Summary

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    Introduction In the book Turn the Ship Around, Captain L. David Marquet describes how he took the submarine, the USS Santa Fe, from “worst to first” in the United States fleet by transforming the leadership structure from “leader-follower” to “leader-leader.” Summary The author divides the book into four sections. In the first section, Captain Marquet describes how he first experienced being empowered by his commander Captain Pelaez of the USS Sunfish. Captain Pelaez overheard the author observe

  • How Saint Thomas Is the Best Saint

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    Didymus is the best saint out of all the saints that have lived on this planet. For one thing, Thomas was one of Jesus’s most loyal disciples. And because he was a disciple of Jesus, he was one of the few saints to witness the miracles of God’s only child and learn from him. Additionally, he was a missionary in South Asia to dedicate his life to spread the Word of God there. As seen by the preceding information, I can say that Saint Thomas is the best saint who ever lived. If Saint Thomas isn’t recognized

  • The Discovery Of The Staircase

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    and discover something new. The mystery behind certain iconic tourist sights that are brought to light through photography often intrigues and sparks curiosity in humans with the promise of new knowledge and discovery. The Miraculous Staircase of Saint Joseph in the Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers mystery through the unknown and unexplainable questions that have risen throughout the years regarding the stair cases history and religious background. The mixture between the unanswered

  • Personal Statement : My Theological Obligations Essay

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    called the Patron Saints for Postmoderns by Chris R. Armstrong, where I’ve learned about many Saints and contribution to the churches. The Patron Saints Forum allows me to relate theological understandings to the actions of real people. The recent assignment, research paper, was the most difficult paper I have ever written which challenge me to think and respond to a pertinent theological question. While I was having a hard time writing this paper, it helps me reflect on my personal faith. As a result

  • The Church Is Holy Through Complete Devotion And Love For God

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    church known as saints. Throughout the church’s history, there has been many saints that lived their life in complete devotion to God. For example, Joan of Arc was known as a “Fool for God.” As a teenager, she trusted the Lord and followed her call to lead a French army to victory. She went against all odds but continued to put her faith in the Lord. Even when she was captured and burned at the stake, the saint never lost her faith. James Martin writes in his book, My Life with the Saints, “Joan was

  • Essay On Mother Daughter Talk

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    Explain what my Catholic faith means to me and how it has helped me in my life, especially in my relationship with my own daughter. (I am married with three kids, two boys and one girl. They are all college students right now. I converted to the Catholic Church 23 years ago. I have been an ESL teacher for more than 20 years. I was a RCIA and confirmation teacher for a few years at Christ the Savior and Most Holy Trinity etc.) The main theme of my talk will be: From Fear to Faith As a parent, a teacher

  • Analysis Of Saint Sebastian And The Roman Emperor, Reign And Purgatory Of Christians

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    reign and purgatory of Christians. In result, Saint Sebastian was one of numerous victims during Rome’s persecutions. Saint Sebastian was born a noble and a man of Gallia Narbonensis, a province north of the Alps of what is now southern France. Narbonensis was world-renowned for its trading and liquidity to ports. On the other hand, Narbonensis was a tactical masterpiece for the Romans as it worked as a territorial defense for Gallic attacks on Italy. Saint Sebastian has two different feast days depending

  • Catholic Myticism And Catholic Mysticism

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    Catholic mysticism is described as a belief that you can achieve union with God by surrendering yourself completely, and devoting yourself to prayer and contemplation. In this way mystics choose to do these spiritual exercises because they believe it will create a true union between them and God and thus understand what God wants from us, and how to best serve him. Mystics can be found in several religions throughout the world and is surprisingly a tremendous part of the Catholic religion. Catholicism

  • The Cruel Hand of God: Secular Themes and Compassionate Leadership in San Manuel Bueno, Mártir and The Plague

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    God. Despite these divergent philosophies, both characters aspire to their own notions of what constitutes “secular sainthood.” Because of the inherent imprecision of such a phrase, the reader is asked to determine what truly determines a “secular saint.” Is it someone who is portrayed by the populace as a religious martyr but who actually is quite secular (hereafter known as the “Don Manuel interpretation”) or someone who is seen by the populace as cruelly detached and unemotional but is actually