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  • Is Saint Leo University Core Value Of Excellence?

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    Web 2.0 PTA Presentation Frances Perez Dr. Nicole Binder EDU 525 Data Driven Decisions Saint Leo University Smith Data Presentation The YouTube video is located at: Based on the trend data from Smith Middle School, there is a drop in FCAT scores from 7th to 8th grade in both Reading and Math (Binder, 2016). A 40% proficiency in 8th grade Mathematics is not acceptable, as it means

  • The Criminal Justice Program At Saint Leo University

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    consistent is my love for fighting for what is right for the people. My passion for the law and people aided my decision to join the military. Upon my retirement from the military, I was compelled to enroll in the Criminal Justice program at Saint Leo University. After attending a few courses, I deliberated on becoming a forensic psychologist. I believed that becoming a forensic psychologist would allow me to be involved in legal cases while being the eyes and the ears of the courtroom. As time went

  • Sports Management Case Study: Saint Leo University

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    #11 Saint Leo University Saint Leo University is one of the best overall colleges in the South, and their School of Business features a fantastic sports management program. Interestingly, Saint Leo is the first national college to be accredited by the Commission on Sports Management Accreditation (COSMA, which is one of the first specialized accrediting agencies with a focus on a sports management). Also, the school has been recognized by many independent institutions--including SportBusiness,

  • Essay On Dual Eligible

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    “Dual eligible” is a term that refers to about 7.5 million low-income older people and younger persons who have disabilities who happen to be enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. Nearly two thirds of the people who are dual eligible are ages 65 years and over. The remaining one-third of the dual eligible are younger people who are disabled. People who are dual eligible qualify for full benefits through Medicaid. Even though the people who are dual eligible are a small share of Medicaid enrollment,

  • Bodega Dreams : A Hero Is A Hero

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    What is a hero? According to, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Today, when most people use the term hero, they are using it to refer to someone with courage or honesty. There are several different examples in society that people have been labeled as a hero. Many see Martin Luther King as a hero for what he did for the African American community, Chris Kyle because of his heroic actions and bravery in combat

  • Saint Leo University Core Values and Apa Code of Conduct

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    Saint Leo University Core Values and APA Code of Conduct At Saint Leo University we have a Values Statement that contains six basic core values. They are as follows; Excellence, Community, Respect, Personal Development, Responsible Stewardship, and Integrity, each with a definition of what they mean to the university. As with all core values, these are a set of standards we strive to live by. These values all have individual definitions and meanings, some of which can be subjective to most

  • National Response Plan Howard L. Hayes Saint Leo University

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    National Response Plan Howard L. Hayes Saint Leo University Abstract Why is it necessary for our country to have an effective emergency plan in place? Why does it matter how the country responds to emergencies when every part of our country, including cities and states, face emergency situations on a daily basis all over? Some are bad to worse, and some horrific to deadly. Well, this paper explains the importance of the National Response Plan and why it is necessary for our country to have it in

  • Career Goals And How Will An Mba From Saint Leo University Assist You For Reaching Those Goals?

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    1. What are your professional goals and how will an MBA from Saint Leo University assist you in reaching those goals? I aspire to become an attorney who operates a firm that specializes in matters involving international business and family law. My aspirations of becoming an attorney directly aligns with the Master’s of Business Administration program offered at Saint Leo University. My professional goals as an executive and future attorney requires me to attain the highest level of professional

  • How Do the Principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Relate to the Saint Leo University Core Value of Community?

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    The principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights relates to the Saint Leo Universities core value of community in a lot of different ways. Part of Saint Leo’ mission statement is to create a student-centered environment in which love of learning is of prime importance. Members of the community are expected to examine and express their own values, listen respectfully to and respond to the opinions of others, serve the community in which they live, welcome others into

  • Swot Analysis of Healthcare Organizations

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    SWOT Analysis of Health Care Organizations Denise Brown-Blanchard Walden University Strategic Planning and Marketing HLTH - 4115 - 1 Dr. Don Ciulla March 18, 2012 SWOT Analysis of Health Care Organizations Provide a brief summary of the location, services, and activities of your chosen health care organization. Barnes-Jewish Hospital is located at One Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza in St. Louis Missouri. It is the largest hospital in the state and employs the most people