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  • The Tragedy Of Saint Louis

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    It seemed just like yesterday, back in the glory days. Back then, nearly two decades ago, life in the Saint Louis area was perfect. Unlike today where Saint Louis is known for its crime and violence, years ago conditions were different, the talk of the town used to be about the Cardinals baseball team, they were once the pride and joy of the city. Constantly in the news after win after win. For example, on this particular day on September 8th, 1998, a night that no Cardinal fan would dare to forget

  • Bay Saint Louis : The Characteristics Of Bay St. Louis

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    Bay Saint Louis is a town in Hancock County, Mississippi, United States. It is a peaceful town, had a little population, which attracts the tourists. The city attacked by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but it recovered and be a tourist spot again. Bay Saint Louis is bordered to the north by the Jourdan River, the primary inlet of the bay. The eastern boundary of the city is the Harrison County line in the middle of the bay. The Stennis International Airport is the nearest airport in Hancock County. The

  • The Saint Louis County Emergency Operations Plan

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    Question 1 The Saint Louis County emergency Operations plan has the fundamental mission of establishing the emergency guidelines for the County and other offices to follow during a major incident or disaster situation ("St Louis County BEOP," 2013). It includes all requirements for request for assistance and informs at all levels what their responsibilities are during a response incident. The plan was designed to address all hazards that affect the county and everyone that lives in it. This is

  • St Louis And Saint Louis

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    The Saint Louis Man Throughout my six years at Saint Louis I was taught to become a Saint Louis Man. Saint Louis molded me. They have been teaching the students how to respect all their peers, especially women for over 165 years. Being a gentleman shows in these two traits of a Saint Louis Man, “Live the golden rule” and “respect all people, especially women” and also the life of my brother, Alika Pilialoha Fonseca. Outsiders look at those who attend Saint Louis as disrespectful and they do not

  • The Journey Of Saint Louis

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    and Zach), left for our trip on a Sunday afternoon right after my mom was done with work. We made sure to double, even triple, check everything to make sure we had everything that we thought we would need for our trip. While we were on our way to Saint Louis for our first stop, we were able to find several things to keep ourselves

  • Personal Narrative : Why I Travel

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    Why I Travel I believe that travel is something that everyone, no matter what, should do at least once in their lifetime. This is because once people leave their comfort zone and present situation, they begin to truly learn about themselves and the world. Once they finish travelling, that same person may find themselves to be totally different than the one who left. In my short 14 day trip to Senegal, I feel as if I learned a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about not only Senegalese culture but also

  • Saint Louis Silent Auction: A Short Story

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    kid I was socially awkward and had a hard time connecting with other people, and as a result, I had many acquaintances but few friends. This obstacle was too big for me to overcome by myself, until two girls sat next to me one summer’s day at the Saint Louis Silent Auction. They introduced themselves and I did the same, but like many times before, I would zone out when they started talking to me. I would sometimes here the topics they talked about, and answer the questions directed at me, but I never

  • Management Of Power By Saint Louis Medical Center

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    Management of Power Saint Louis Medical Center’s (SLMC) vision primarily focuses on promoting evidence-based health practices, excellent patient care, and innovative healthcare. As a nurse executive at SLMC, my management of power would be one that is based on supporting staff, encouraging “out-of-the-box” thinking, and promoting efficiency. The leadership theories that best suit my management of power are the transformational and the nine-factors of full-range theories. In both theories, leaders

  • Visit The Saint Louis Holocaust Museum For My Independent Field Trip

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    I chose to visit the Saint Louis Holocaust Museum for my independent field trip on April 6, 2016 to get out of my typical comfort zone and learn about a specific group of people that endured the largest genocide in recorded history. Upon entering the building, I was shocked to see the number of uniforms and other items that were recovered from World War II. This was the first thing that really set the tone for me and put me in the right emotional state to think about the fact that these are real

  • The Cruel Hand of God: Secular Themes and Compassionate Leadership in San Manuel Bueno, Mártir and The Plague

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    God. Despite these divergent philosophies, both characters aspire to their own notions of what constitutes “secular sainthood.” Because of the inherent imprecision of such a phrase, the reader is asked to determine what truly determines a “secular saint.” Is it someone who is portrayed by the populace as a religious martyr but who actually is quite secular (hereafter known as the “Don Manuel interpretation”) or someone who is seen by the populace as cruelly detached and unemotional but is actually