Saint Louis Zoological Park

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  • Persuasive Speech About Zoos

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    stop teaching people that is okay to imprison these animals. II. Body 1. Background Info: Zoos in American have changed a lot over the years, but they have not made the full transition to where they should be yet. A. Zoos legal definition is, “a park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public.” This definition is correct in that zoos today are used for public amusement and little is thought of these animals that go through harsh treatment just for us

  • Musiology of Musium

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    on a specific subject, location or a notable person, categories include: fine arts, applied arts, craft, archaeology, anthropology and ethnology, history, cultural history, science, technology, children’s museums, natural history, botanical and zoological gardens. Within these categories many museums specialize further e.g. museums of modern art, folk art, local history