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  • The Saint Of Saint Philomena As A Patron Saint

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    I have chosen St. Philomena to be my patron saint. Saint Philomena was born in Corfu Island, Greece. Saint Philomena was born a Greek princess and lived for 13 years. She was believed to be a Virgin Martyr. In 1802, the bones of a female between 13 and 15 were discovered in the catacomb of St.Priscilla. They were believed to be her remains.They were discovered in May. St. Philomena was found with three titles that said Lumena/ Paxte/ Cumfi. When Philomena was 13 years old she took a vow

  • How Saint Thomas Is the Best Saint

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    Didymus is the best saint out of all the saints that have lived on this planet. For one thing, Thomas was one of Jesus’s most loyal disciples. And because he was a disciple of Jesus, he was one of the few saints to witness the miracles of God’s only child and learn from him. Additionally, he was a missionary in South Asia to dedicate his life to spread the Word of God there. As seen by the preceding information, I can say that Saint Thomas is the best saint who ever lived. If Saint Thomas isn’t recognized

  • Biography: Saint Philomena

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    not only treated her parents with respect, but she still treated and loved her neighbors as herself. In spite the fact that she was tortured, she did not fight back, harm, or express any negativity towards anyone, especially the emperor. “Pray to Saint Philomena. Whatever you ask from her, She will obtain for you.” - Pope Gregory XVI. St. Philomena is known as “The Wonder Worker”

  • Saint Appolinare Analysis

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    Saint Appolinare is the largest figure within the piece and is standing directly over the alter and below the massive cross. The gold jewel encrusted cross is contained within a bright blue circle dotted with gold stars. The green background is filled with plants, shrubs and trees all of which are coloured in varying shades of green. The green background is used to highlight and contrast the white sheep and Saint Apollinare. Most of the sheep and the saint occupy a the same ground level and plane

  • Mohawk Saint And The Unredeemed Captive

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    Throughout the stories told in both Mohawk Saint and The Unredeemed Captive, the unintended consequences of attempting to convert the American Indians to Christianity are powerful players in the unfolding events. When these Christian groups arrived in the New World, they came armed with the word of God that they wished to share among a group of people that have never before encountered the concept of Christianity. While eventually these relationships improved and Christians and American Indians began

  • Saint Christmas In Christmas : Saint Nick In Germany

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    about Krampus and Saint Nick, visiting Christmas markets and buying gifts, continuing lifetime traditions, decorating and cooking favorite foods. The preparation for the Christmas season starts before December in Germany. “St. Nicholas transformed into the legendary character called Santa Claus, who brings Christmas presents to children around the world.” (Biography) Although Saint Nick is most commonly known as Santa Claus, he is still known as Saint Nick in Germany. Saint Nicholas day

  • Saints : The Correlation Of Values And Standards Essay

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    Saints: The Correlation of Values and Standards The characteristics that develop into a reputation for sanctity depend on the social context in which the aspiring saint lives. By studying the lives of saints originating from various societal backgrounds, we can draw conclusions about the natures of these characteristics. Social class relations, societal gender roles, and attitudes towards secular occupations all contribute to our modern perception of sanctity. These varied social contexts provided

  • The Early Life Of Saint Elizabeth Of The Visitation

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    it.” That’s what Hebrews 6:15 says. Just like Abraham, Saint Elizabeth was patient and gained what she had longed for through the grace of God. Imagine that you are Saint Elizabeth. You are disappointed that you were never blessed with a child, but you never become bitter from it. You are always humble and put God first. You and Zechariah pray every day for a child. Your prayers are never answered, but you still remain faithful to God. Saint Elizabeth of the Visitation, who is still venerated in

  • St. Teresa of Avila: The Unperfect Saint

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    Contrary to common belief, saints are not perfect. Saints simply seek Christ more than anyone else. Saints understood the need for Christ in their own lives through their own experiences. St. Teresa of Avila did not live a perfect life, although she strived to after her conversion. St. Teresa, after living in the world, realized her desperate need for a personal relationship with God, but by no means was she perfect. Teresa Sánchez Cepeda Davila y Ahumada lived in Avila, Spain where she was born

  • Characteristics Of Saint Teresa Of Avila

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    Saint Teresa of Avila 1.a Three Characteristics 1. Saint Teresa of Avila was born on the 28th of march in 1515. She lived in Avila, Gotarrendura which was a small town in Spain. It was very poor with a low population. She grew up in the 1500's which was a poor time in the world and Teresa's parents couldn't afford a good lifestyle for her. 2. Around less then 20 years when she was born Christopher Columbus opened the Western Hemisphere to European colonisation, then two years after she was