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  • History Of Globalization And Globalization Of The Chamorro Language

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    “Although not all communication is linguistic, language is by far the most powerful and versatile medium of communication, all known human groups possess language” (Gumperz 1968). Chamorro is an Austronesian language spoken by about fifty-thousand people, in the Marina Islands. It is the language of Micronesia with the largest number of speakers and one of Micronesia’s two most endangered languages. The Chamorro language is spoken in the Marina Islands and by many Chamorro’s in the western states

  • Sociological Imagination And Social Imagination

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    My parents are from the Philippines and are foreign contract workers in Saipan and have lived there for more than 25 years. I am an only child. We were not the richest family but I feel like I was spoiled as a child. I was spoiled not in the sense of material objects but with love, attention, etc. In 2013, my father was diagnosed

  • Biography Of Edwin P. Hoyt 's ' The Storm Over The Gilberts '

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    divided into three sections: the invasions of Kwajalein, Eniwetok, and the other islands of the Marshalls which provided an advanced base for invasion of the Marianas group; the carrier battles during the Marianas invasion; and the struggle to capture Saipan, Tinian and Guam. This secured the Marianas as a base for long-range B-29 attacks on the Japanese homeland. The struggle to capture what sometimes amounted to only a few square miles of coral atoll was essential to a grand strategy that had evolved

  • Gap Labor Problems

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    products were “Made in USA”, under United States labour standards and human right policies; whilst, manufacturing factories were located in Saipan –a U.S. protectorate in Southeast Asia. Although Saipan conformed to majority of U.S labour laws, it was exempt from federal minimum wage laws. Furthermore, the majority of the manufacturing factories located in Saipan are foreign companies from such countries as china and

  • Senate President Arnold I. Palacios, And Public Finances?

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    During September 8, 2017, Senate session, Senate President Arnold I. Palacios (R-Saipan) and Sen. Justo Quitugua (Ind-Saipan) commended the House for accepting the substitute. “The Senate made very substantive changes to…be sure that the Northern Marianas College and Northern Marianas Trades Institute are included [as beneficiaries],” (Retirees, 2017) said Palacios. Currently, recipients of the casino-generated gross revenue tax funds are the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., the Medical Referral Program

  • Cnmi Essay

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    islands have a total population 52,300 people (U.S. Department of Interior, n.d.) Land Mass The CNMI is made up of a total of fourteen islands. The fourteen islands amount to a total land mass of 176 square miles. The three main islands of the CNMI are Saipan, Tinian and Rota (Central Intelligence Agency). Land Ownership/Use Not just anyone can own land in the CNMI. According to Article XII of the CNMI Constitution, land ownership is limited to local Chamorro and Carolinians. Additionally, local Chamorros

  • World War II in the Pacific

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    • Saipan June 1944 US invades Saipan (Part of Mariana Islands). Airfields on Saipan would allow B-29’s to reach Japan. Heavy Losses on both sides out of 30,000 Japanese only around 1,000 survived, (PBS 1). This also marked the start of high rates of civilian suicides when the US conquers Japanese territory. “Loss of Saipan precipitated a political crisis in Tokyo and brought about the Tojo Cabinet” (Pacific Theatre

  • Invasion Of Okinawa

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    Effective application of intelligence collection assets provides increased situational awareness that enhances the overall lethality of combat power, ultimately saving lives in the process. The U.S. and Japan used multiple forms of intelligence collection during the battle for Okinawa. Each commander used information gleaned from this collection in their decision making process, however, both failed to pre-empt the others actions leading to a fight for inches that lasted 82 days. This paper examines

  • The Pacific Theater Of World War II

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    whose aircraft had longer ranges, launched the first wave of aircraft. However, the incoming planes were quickly spotted, which gave Admiral Mitscher enough time to ensure a large number of his planes were in the air before the enemy got too close to Saipan, which Spruance was intent on protecting. Consequently, Ozawa’s aircraft were intercepted and many were shot down. Around this time, torpedoes from US submarines struck and sank 2 Japanese carriers. Many more enemy aircraft waves were launched to

  • The True Cost Of The Garment Industry

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    I. Claim Everyday, millions of consumers in the United States contribute to the harsh treatment, under paid, and sexual abuse of factory workers all over the world. The garment industry, one of the largest in the world, generates over 3 trillion dollars a year yet the average monthly wage is 21 dollars a month, 80% of whom are women, and including children ages 5 to 14. While most apparel used to be manufactured in the United States, in the past decade a majority of manufacturers have moved