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         Redwall is about a young mouse named Matthias. He lived in an abbey called Redwall. Redwall was a nice, peaceful place until a rat called Cluny the Scourge came with his horde and tried to take it over. The night before the citizens of Redwall knew that Cluny was coming, Matthias and Brother Alf had caught a giant fish that was big enough to feed all of the animals inside of Redwall so they had a big feast. When Matthias and Constance the badger were taking some of the

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    Skjöldur Research Paper

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    Looking like a bipedal badger these folk are oft mistaken for feral beasts with clothes. Living in the heavily fortified strongholds surrounding their capitol, Salamandastron, they live a quiet life among their guilds isolated from the world. Standing at around four feet tall and having black faces with distinctive white markings their bodies are covered in a dense layer of that protects against cold and dirt. As they're omnivorous, they have sharp teeth and claws. Their character often reflects

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