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  • The Importance Of Social Identity

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    “Some…memberships are more salient than others; and some may vary in salience in time and as a function of a variety of social situations” (Tajfel, 2-3) Salience of identity, in the way that we need to understand it in the case of perception and decision making, can be operationalized as the likelihood that a particular identity will be invoked within a certain situation that the individual is being faced with (Hogg, Terry, & White, 257). As mentioned previously, everyone holds various identities

  • Salient Assessment

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    Salient features of patient's education and learner's understanding A thorough assessment of the patient’s perception of his overall health should be done. The patient should be educated on his current medical conditions and what each condition means, and how it affects the body. Since this patient's PSA is 6.0, it is above the normal range. Although, there is no specific normal or abnormal level of PSA in the blood. However, more recent studies have shown that men with PSA below 4.0 ng/ml have

  • Salient Decision Making Research

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    be made with the help for two reasons. one of them is the salient decision inside of married should be shared with the partner, the other is that a person might be too young to make a decision, which will turn out to be a unbearable burden for the young mind. Lets take an example of buying a car. Some men think that they are able to make the decision alone without discussing with significant halves. Although, I think the such a salient purchase like a car requires some group thinking, particularly

  • The Battle Of Ypres During World War I

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    The way battle were fought over the past centuries have changed, from rocks and fists to tanks and gasses. Battles are caused by many things, back in time they would be caused for the want of a strip of land to even something as simple as one country not paying back what they own/promise such as their alliances. Battles need tactics and intense planning, which could be needed in order to attack opponents. During World War I, there were many surprises and especially many casualties. The main event

  • What Is The Most Salient Challenge

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    The most salient challenge I’ve ever faced was moving from Russia to USA. To me Moscow and Los Angeles seemed not only located on other continents, but in different universes. Leaving my relatives, my friends and my house felt like I was loosing a vital organ. To cope with this challenge, I decided to approach my new life as a scientific experiment. I was like an astronaut exploring an unknown planet. People were really like aliens – so mentally different. You can rarely see a Moscow citizen smiling

  • There is a salient and continuous negative stigma concerning the legalization of marijuana for

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    There is a salient and continuous negative stigma concerning the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The pathology that arises from this issue is a subjective matter, highly provocative because those who oppose and those who endorse present rhetoric in a very polarized manner. Like many in the medical marijuana community “…People start out a skeptic intent on researching marijuana’s harms.” (Flatow, 2014) It seems that there is a preponderance of people who have a proclivity to naturally

  • Is Tribal Identification Is The Most Socially Salient Identity? Essay

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    Coethinicity argues that tribal identification is the most socially salient identity in Kampala, Uganda. Based on a series of experiments, the authors of Coethnicity found that homogenous ethnic identity was crucial to the pursuit of the common good based on the shared ethnic norm of reciprocity. Contrary to this idea, I will argue that this assumption is empirically questionable and ultimately unhelpful in the broader quest to understand how “ethnicity” and politics relate because there are other

  • Identifying Salient Factors that Affected CRM Process at Merck-Medco

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    Objectives In the data analysis, there are two of the main objectives which will be prioritize during the research. Here are the following objectives regarding the data analysis: 1. To identify salient factors that affected CRM process at Merck-Medco - Once the obvious factors are being found, the company will be directed to develop the appropriate measures which would help to process improvement. This factors can be identified through a quantitative and qualitative method among the representatives

  • Potato Cubes Mass Lab Report

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    How will Salient, Glucose, and a Mixture of the two Affect a Potato’s Mass? Samson Malcolm Fratello Suncoast High School Design Title: How will Salient, Glucose, and a Mixture of the two Affect a Potato’s Mass? 2. Research Question: How will a potato cube’s mass change if put in a mixture of Glucose and Salient together vs a potato cube just being put into a solution with Glucose or Salient. 3. Background Information: Diffusion is where particles move from areas of

  • Case Study 40 Long-Evans Male Rats

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    copers, 8 passive copers, and 8 flexible copers. In week two, the rats will be trained to perform attentional set shifting tasks (AST) which requires them to dig for a food reward (fruit loops). The rats will have to discriminate between specific salient variables such odors and digging mediums to successfully complete the trial and obtain their food reward. The rats will progress from simple discrimination AST (e.g., from one smell to another)