San Bernardino County, California

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  • Some of the highest amounts of rainfall in years was brought by a storm in Azusa, California. The

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    storm in Azusa, California. The storm had brought up to eight inches on some mountains. That is not even close to enough of the amount of rainfall California would need to pull out of this drought they have been in for years. Even though the storm was strong and remained that way for a little longer than the weekend, the forecasters said that a storm like this would need to be more frequent for California to get out of the drought. On February 28th, heavy showers hit California impacting the mountainsides

  • Research Paper On Wigwam Hotel

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    The Wigwam motel A hint of yore, a touch of modern era and the nostalgic atmosphere at Wigwam motel, San Bernardino, California makes it the perfect stop on route 66 for families, motorists and tourists alike. Built in 1947 at the start of auto camping craze, to aid locals and tourists that chose to travel via roads in automotive rather than trains has had several glorious days of prosperity and fame. The wigwam motel is a classic remnant of the bygone days of route 66 but it is still a go-to place

  • Implementing Body Cameras Department Wide Face

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    Rialto Police Department performed most of its duties in the greater San Bernardino County area. At the time of implementation, San Bernardino County faced bankruptcy, which created challenges for the department. Being the first police department to implement body cameras department wide was its own challenge within itself at a time when crime was at an all

  • Local Government Fiscal Sustainability As A Common Pool Resource Problem

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    Local Government Fiscal Sustainability as a Common-Pool Resource Problem According to our text, people perceive government as a tool to maximize their own self-interest in the political economy model (Rosen & Gayer, 2014, p. 108). This commonly takes the form of public service programs, which is why fiscal sustainability is an essential factor in government operations, especially on the local level. It has turned out to be an immense challenge on every level due to fluctuating operating deficits

  • Advocacy Outreach And Enrollment Activities

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    In the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2016-17, San Bernardino County continued its outreach efforts to increase Medi-Cal awareness outreach to individuals who are eligible, but not enrolled. Loma Linda University School of Public Health (hereinafter referred to as “LLU”) is contracted as the Community-Based Organization (CBO) responsible for providing Medi-Cal Outreach and Enrollment (MC O&E) Grant services outlined in Assembly Bill (AB) 82, Chapter 23 (2013). Outreach and enrollment activities are

  • The Struggles Of The City Of San Bernardino Essay

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    The struggles of the City of San Bernardino, California are well documented; one of the highest crime rates in the state and the country, extensive acres of urban blight, a median household income under forty-thousand, which has left residents living in poverty, a cash insolvency as a result of mismanagement, which has left the City in chapter nine bankruptcy for three and a half years, and a political climate distorted from lack of experience, and conflicting ideologies and agendas. Also well documented

  • Early Skin And Exclusive Breastfeeding Success

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    to Healthy People 2010, the goal for the United States was to increase to 75% of mothers’ breastfeeding their neonates during the early postpartum period. However, data revealed by California Department of Public Health: Breastfeeding Statistics (2007) found that only 34.6% of mothers in San Bernardino County, California exclusively breastfeed their neonates after mother/baby hospitalization and only

  • Congressional District : 41 Riverside

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    California Congressional District: 41 Riverside In “Congress in Black and White,” Christian Grose discusses his theory of politics and the different methods of choosing a representative that will serve the majority and minority communities equally. He believes that the best way to choose a representative is based on the majority of the people within that community. For example, he states that the best person to represent the African American community would be another African American who can empathize

  • The Madina Collection of Islamic Art at the LACMA Essay

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    Madina Collection of Islamic Art at the LACMA Introduction           The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced recently that it had acquired “the remarkable Madina Collection of Islamic art. The collection contains works of various media dating from the late 7th through 19th centuries from the vast areas that comprise the Islamic world, from Southern Spain to Central Asia” (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2005). While the museum already had quite an extensive collection of Islamic

  • Background And Qualifications : Application And Evaluation Of Culturally Responsive Public Health Level At The George Washington University Milken

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    program design and evaluation of culturally-responsive public health interventions tailored to address the needs of the Latino community. EDUCATION: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Communication minor B.S. 2010-2013 University of California, Davis; Graduated Cum Laude Liberal Arts & Sciences A.A 2008-2010 Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Graduated with Dean’s Honors WORK EXPERIENCE: Bilingual Health Resource Specialist 2015-Current National