San Fernando Valley

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  • The San Fernando / Sylmar Earthquake Essay

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    One of the most significant earthquakes to hit the San Fernando Valley in the past was the 1971 San Fernando/ Sylmar earthquake. On February 9, 1971 at about 6 o’clock the cities of San Fernando and Sylmar experienced an earthquake that ruptured along the Sierra Madre Fault Zone (Oakeshott, Gordon B). The epicenter of this earthquake was reported to be in the San Gabriel Valley Mountains above the valley. The citizens of both cities felt tremendous shaking. The magnitude of the earthquake was measured

  • Owens Valley Summary

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    Kharl argues that in the case of the Sierra Nevada’s Owens Valley, located approximately 250 miles north Los Angeles, the valley’s agricultural shareholders and the City of Los Angeles originally sought an agreement that reserved sufficient water for valley residents to maintain their ranching life-style while concurrently exporting the valley’s surplus to the soon-to-be developed San Fernando Valley. Such an agreement would allow rural users to maintain their ranches while concurrently allowing

  • Copier Lease Angeles Los Angeles

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    Copier Lease Los Angeles. See Reviews on Copier lease in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. What is the Copier lease calculator in Hollywood area? How much is the Copier rental prices in Pomona area. What is the Lease canon copier in Torrance neighborhood? Find copier lease dealer in Westlake Village, CA. It 's never been easier to find the best copier lease, to buy or lease a copier, Average cost to lease a copier in Los Angeles neighborhood. We makes it easy to compare leasing rates and prices. We sell used

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Red Line

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    My mom always told me she felt comfortable in her dented-but-charming 2011 black Toyota Camry. I’ve never bought into the notion that a car could be a sanctuary, but she thinks of her car as a second home. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley of the 1980s, a mall-centric autotopia, so it makes sense. But, at twenty years old, it’s not the sort of mentality that I’ve grown to share. As a self-identified and certifiable marketable member of the Millennial generation, I’ve come of age during a time

  • Hispanic Immigrants In Los Angeles

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    According to “Immigrants in California,” by Marisol Cuellar Mejia and Hans P. Johnson, California has the most immigration than any other state, where “more than 30% of the population of seven California counties” are foreign born. A large contributor to these statistics are Hispanic immigrants that migrate to the United States in hope of achieving the “American Dream.” Los Angeles has become the most popular destination for these immigrants as this city alone contains 4.9 million Hispanics, making

  • Personal Experience Of Being Raised In Van Nuys Area

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    Oral History Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, in the Van Nuys area. A community so familiar to me because of the people who surround me also , similar race and from the same culture. Being raised by undocumented parents with many stories about their struggles, and even traditions. These factors are what shaped and made me overcome any obstacles my parents warned me about. I have been shaped by my parents, and personal experiences. I have learned that my dreams are possible no matter

  • Struggles of Immigrants and Native Americans

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    1. The Mexican government system over the Native Americans introduced the policy of mercantilism. In this system, merchants and the government based in Mexico partnered to make a strong political rule over Native Americans. In the process, the colonial government backed the merchants in exploiting the resources of the native peoples. In exchange, the government took its share in terms of taxes and duties. The tax that the colonial government earned was used to equip the loyal navy such that the Mexican

  • Cultural Reflection

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    As i strolled down my neighborhood coming from the gym, I observed my environment and was able to notice things i never commonly do, the more i walked the more i was able to smell the spices and scents that made home smell like home. Some scents smelled so familiar like my own home and mother's cooking and others unique, as a matter of fact i was able to feel the warmth from each house like a cozy blanket welcoming me in. I listened and was able to hear the laughter and joy of family dinners, movie

  • Living in Jacksonville, NC versus Living in San Diego, Ca

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    Compare and Contrast Final Draft Samantha Deal As a military brat, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina; and have lived here for most of my life. Recently our family was stationed in San Diego, California, and the move was a great eye-opener for me. When I moved to San Diego, I was surprised by the diversity of cultures, the abundance of activities, and how the crowds of people never stopped. It is an excellent place for people who enjoy being amongst other people; there is never

  • Santa Monica Mountains Essay

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    The range mapped in the Santa Monica Mountains is limited on the south by Hollywood, on the north by the San Fernando Valley, on the west by Cahuenga Pass and Dark Canyon, and on the east by the Los Angeles River. Griffith Park is incorporated inside the eastern portion of the region. The vital topographic component of the territory is an east-westridge. Cahuenga Peak (height 1821 feet) is close to the western end of the edge, and Mount Hollywood (elevation 1652 feet) is justsouth of the focal part