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    The Life of Sir Hiram S. Maxim John Hernandez Southeastern Oklahoma State University   Abstract The objective of this research paper is to document the life of American-born British inventor Hiram S. Maxim. The topics include an introduction into his early life, his many job experiences, his inventions and the ensuing success. His success then allowed him to follow his interests in aviation. The method of research is primarily from biographies, encyclopedias, published articles, and various internet

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    After 16 years of marriage they got a divorce and Nancy’s mom moved back to New Jersey. Years later she moved to Arizona so that she could live near her own mother. Liz remarried in Arizona, but never had any more children. Her dad lived in Sangerville, Maine after the divorce. Eventually, he remarried and divorced for the second time. Luckily he got a son named Billy out of that marriage. Edward decided at the age of 48 to take a sabbatical from the real-estate business and travel. After he split

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