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  • Descriptive Essay About My Car

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    festivals such as El Dia de la Raza, La Resurrección, Dia de San Mateo, and so much more. After we ate there we were planning on going to the west side of the city, but the police would not let anyone in. Instead we went to a different town north of Santa Ana, Texistepeque, this town was a former Mayan or Pipil city. The Pipil were one of the former native people who lived in El Salvador. It was early afternoon when we got there. This time we couldn’t take the bus because the road we took was too narrow

  • Santa Ana Winds are Meaningful to Authors Joan Didion in the Santa Ana and Linda Thomas in In Brush Fire

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    The Santa Ana winds obviously mean a great deal to Didion and Thomas which is why they regard it as sort of a powerful force in nature. In The Santa Ana by Joan Didion, the wind is portrayed as a force that deprives people of happiness. This concept is highlighted when she states that “ to live with the Santa Anna is to accept . . . a deeply mechanistic view of human behavior.” In Brush Fire by Linda Thomas, it is portrayed more like a normal power of nature. Her concept is highlighted when she

  • Economic Industry Of Los Angeles And Mexicans Workers

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    Economic Industry of Los Angeles and Mexicans Workers To begin, In Latino Metropolis, Victor Valle and Rodolfo Torres suggest that the Latino population is a vital group to the political economy of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles economy was constructed through the manual labor of largely Latino immigrants, which the city today still heavily depends on (Valle and Torres, 2000, 15-16). In their chapter, Economic Geography of Latino Los Angeles, Valle and Torres argue that Latino immigrants working in

  • Poetry from Linda Thomas and Joan Didion on The Santa Ana Wind

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    The Santa Ana Wind Linda Thomas and Joan Didion are both natives of Southern California and wrote about the Santa Ana, a wind that blows from northeast to Southern California every year. Didion, the author of The Santa Ana, mostly writes about the area where she was born in 1934. Thomas, the author of Brush Fire, was also born in Southern California. She has been writing poems, stories and essays for 25 years. Her writing has appeared in numerous print journals like American Poetry Review. Both

  • Personal Narrative On Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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    a wife, two kids and a full-time teaching position, our communication tapered off and one day stopped. Our lives went on unconnected. Until, fifteen years later, when I came across his name. Earlier in the day, I’d gone for a walk at the beach in Santa Monica and mingled with strangers along the boardwalk. For dinner, I made crab cakes and drank several glasses of white wine. Too early for bed, I checked my phone messages. Then, afterwards, I browsed my laptop for contact lists of former colleagues

  • Santa Ana Winds Comparison Rhetorical Analysis

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    The Santa Ana Winds “ The Santa Ana” by Joan Didion and “Brush Fire” by Linda Thomas offer complete separate views to a similar topic, the winds of Southern California. In a first person narration the authors write of the wind from her own experience of living in California and from her own perspective, shedding light on two very different aspects of the Santa Ana winds. Physically, both pieces of literature are different. Each story reflects its own writer as “The Santa Ana” has lengthy paragraphs

  • Analysis Of The Santa Ana Winds

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    In the essay titled “The Santa Ana Winds”, Joan Didion uses a story teller- like tone and persuasive rhythm to lure her audience into the eerie ambience of the winds. In the use of these techniques, Didion aims to further convey the wind’s disastrous and mysterious effects. Didion writes with a storytelling tone in order to eerie effect of the destructive winds. Didion first sets the mood, by telling the reader about the current conditions of winds and how they are taking effect. He begins by stating

  • Brush Fire Analysis

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    Writer , Linda Thomas, in her essay, Brush Fire, discusses the Santa Ana winds experienced in Southern California and how it affects the people and the weather. Well-known essayist , Joan Didion, in her essay, The Santa Ana, describes the winds and the effects it has on the way the people behave. Both Thomas and Didion’s essays have a similar subject and circumstance, the Santa Ana winds but, both essays vary in numerous ways. The details, tone, and how the message is being told are ways in which

  • A Comparison Of Wildfires And The Santa Ana Winds

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    Wildfires and the Santa Ana winds are harsh realities of life in California. “Brush Fire” and “The Santa Ana” are pieces that touch upon this pertinent topic. Arguing that the toll taken on civilization in California by annual wild fires is the fault of the humans affected is California native Linda Thomas. In contrast, Joan Didion, also a California-born author, portrays wild fires and Santa Ana winds as evil forces that destroy all in their path. Despite these authors’ diverging perspectives, their

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gentrification

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    One day I walking through downtown Santa Ana with my little sister, we didn't really have anywhere to go so I decided to take her to the carousell. It was the centerpiece of Fiesta Marketplace it was somewhere I would always go as a kid with my grandma and cousins it was somewhere I always looked forward going to every single Saturday. But as I was walking to the spot where it has always been, it wasn’t there. I made sure I was at the location, I tried walking a little more too see if they maybe