Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Santa Fe, New Mexico

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    where I grew up. I moved to three different places that were completely different from one another. I believe that each of these places have contributed toward the person I ended up growing into. The journey that is my life all started in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was born and raised here for 8 years of my life. The area itself was very aged in a way. The building types resembled the design of native pueblos because of the founding members of the town. The thing that I felt that distinguished the

  • Georgia O'Keeffe and Willa Cather's Use of Symbolism and Imagery

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    There were many of artists and writers, who demonstrated symbolism and imagery within their work of art, set in nineteenth century New Mexico. Willa Cather and Georgia O’Keeffe were best known as an author and an artist in the nineteenth century. Willa Cather had a long memorable career writing novels, short stories, poems, and essay, and contributing to any newspapers, editor, and journals as writer. She travels at length to gather material for her narrative and characters, and was recognizable

  • Who Is Josiah Gregg's Across The Great Western Prairies?

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    First published in 1844 by Henry G. Langley, New York, in Josiah Gregg’s book, Commerce of the Prairies: Or the Journal of a Santa Fe Trader, During Eight Expeditions Across The Great Western Prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in Northern Mexico, and published in his atlas in 1845, “Map of the Indian Territory Northern Texas and New Mexico Showing the Great Western Prairies” was the most accurate and reliable map of the southwestern plains during its time. This map is said to have been

  • How did people get from state to state in the past? Did they walk through the woods to get where

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    popular was the Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail wasn’t as big as the Oregon Trail but it was still pretty big. The trail was 1,200 miles long, and it was created by William Becknell in 1821. The Santa Fe Trail went from Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The trail was used for a military highway and a vital commercial before the railroad was created in 1880. It was also used to deliver manufactured goods from Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Santa Fe Trail created

  • Analysis Of Sin Un Pasado No Hay Futuro

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    without the knowledge of our past. Together we can achieve greatness in our future with the guidance of the past. It’s a sad thing when a culture, or tradition is forgotten and lost in time. This mural is showing us how important it is to preserve New Mexican history, culture, and traditions for generations to come and the negative impact it can lead to if we fail to do so. Stephenson, Joe. “Sin Un Pasado, No Hay Futuro.” 1994, Downtown, Albuquerque The colors in this mural reflect many different

  • The Political Dangers Of Santa Fe Trails

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    The political dangers of the Santa Fe Trails are not unique to a time period; they were however differed in severity only shared across the timeline. Throughout the nineteenth century, the Southwest faced a range of challenges, including the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), which was fought over the disputed boundary of Texas after it was annexed in 1845. The Mexicans and the Native Americans continued to cause problems for political agents in the Southwest. Challenges in the Southwest such as

  • The Discovery Of The Staircase

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    knowledge and higher thinking often leads people to travel due to the possibility to gain new experiences and discover something new. The mystery behind certain iconic tourist sights that are brought to light through photography often intrigues and sparks curiosity in humans with the promise of new knowledge and discovery. The Miraculous Staircase of Saint Joseph in the Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers mystery through the unknown and unexplainable questions that have risen throughout

  • Cerrillos Hills State Park: Feasibility Study

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    Background: Cerrillos Hills Park is situated on the Turquoise Trail between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM. It is 1125 acres large. There are 5 miles of hiking trails and historic mining sites. The Cerrillos Hills Park is owned by the Santa Fe County and managed by Santa Fe County’s Open Space Program, NM State Parks and the Cerrillos Hills Park Coalition. It is closely linked to the colonialization and ancient civilizations in this region. It has a tricultural antiquity that goes back to the 900

  • Native Americans And Trading : Native American Trade

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    Native Americans and Trading The vast land of what is now America has always had a lot to offer people of other cultures. Settlers came to this new land in the first place looking for gold and other treasures to bring back home. So it comes as no surprise that Native Americans would trade with outside countries. Native American Trade refers to the trade between Europeans and their North American descendants and the Indigenous people of North America, it really began before the colonial period and

  • Santa Fe Trail Research Paper

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    free from Spain’s strict trading policies, they welcomed people from all over the United States to New Mexico, with a majority of the traders from Missouri. Although, established after a state of financial depression in Missouri, the Trail had spared Missourians from an extended time being unable to sell their goods. It opened up new possibilities to earn money, and spread the diverse culture of New Mexico’s population. As surprising as it may seem, this was possible because of a group of six misfits