Saratoga campaign

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  • What Strategic Elements Of The 1777 Campaign Plan

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    In the fall of 1776 the British Empire stood on the edge of victory, Britain’s New York campaign left the Continental Army in disarray and on the edge of extinction. The 1777 campaign, though not fully realized by the British crown, represented the best and last chance to suppress the American Rebellion before the rebellion transformed into a world war and went beyond the British ability to win. Unfortunately for the British, their senior commanders in the New World, Sir William Howe and John Burgoyne

  • John Burgoyne's First Royal Dragoons

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    He left back to England in major embarrassment and was forever blamed for the loss of Saratoga, which became a huge turning point in the war. Effects The Generals effects on history were major, without his surrender at Saratoga the patriots might have never won the war. However, the effects were high in England. With the loss of Saratoga, the British now had to find some way to regain they're ruling placed in the colonies. However, Britians biggest loss would

  • Mechanicville Inventory

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    Nick DuBois  11/20/16  Tourism Development  Hometown Inventory Paper    Mechanicville is a city, one of the smallest cities in the area by state actually. It is located in Saratoga County, New York. More specifically, The city is located on the eastern border of Saratoga County and is north of Albany, the state capital. Mechanicville borders the towns of Stillwater (of which it was once a part) and Halfmoon in the county, and the town of Schaghticoke, in Rensselaer County. Many people describe Mechanicville

  • Essay on Battle of Saratoga

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    Battle of Saratoga During the time of the American Revolution, there were many battles that took place and affected the Revolution. One battle though, made a huge impact on the American Revolution. The Battle of Saratoga proved that the disadvantaged and weaker American forces were strong enough to overpower the British forces. It all started when General John Burgoyne needed to get his forces to Albany. He and his army headed across the Hudson River, where they would then take a road south-ward

  • Benedict Arnold: A True Hero

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    Someone does not need a badge, trophy, or masses of monuments to be a hero, unlike, the common thought; or at least what most inspire to believe. Many will classify a hero with a prize or glory, but realistic heroes do not require either. Once a hero, always a hero is in many cases: Benedict Arnold is one of those cases. Benedict Arnold is a hero who did not have a gallery of badges in the beginning, and built his way up. When classifying Benedict Arnold as a hero or a traitor, Arnold is clearly

  • Benedict Arnold: Traitor or Hero Essay

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    for his heroism. Displaying this betray towards the once loved general was shown at freeman's farm, the once place Benedict Arnold fought in the great Saratoga battle. There the famous boot monument stands displaying not only Arnold's heroism but treason as well. The "boot monument” tells the story of his wounded left leg during the great Saratoga battle. On the contrary, the monument does not display his name. This factor is because of his recorded history of treason. It is clearly shown that

  • The Disadvants Of George Washington And Benedict Arnold

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    “I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease I spit on more than treachery.” Aeschylus once wrote. What is the character of a traitor? Who does society consider a traitor? How do people become traitors? All of these are good questions that provoke conversation and debate. The mentality of a traitor stems from his or her desires and what they need. In the following comparison of George Washington and Benedict Arnold the true character of a traitor will be revealed, as well as how

  • Case Analysis : Food Products

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    Client Profile: Established in Salem, Oregon, USA in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products (referred to as “OFP” hereafter) is a canned fruit and berry provider. OFP provides specialty canned whole fruits, 17 different aseptic purees (tailored toward brewing companies), canned purees, and bottled frozen purees. All of OFP products and processing areas are free of corn syrup, artificial dyes, major food allergens, and common sensitizing agents such as gluten. OFP is a certified organic processor that uses non-BPA-lined

  • What is a Social Movement?

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    the Republic Party, succeeded. In the 2004 presidential election, the Left had a weak connection and relationship between local members and the national progressive group. The Left consolidated its grassroots campaigns to try to gain strength and connection. The Left operated these campaigns by hiring young people to canvass for them through professional organizations, such as the People Project. The experience that those young canvassers, who go to door to door, stand on streetcorners recruiting

  • Buying Favor: Why Congress Depends on Funding From Special Interests

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    Mayhew insists that elected officials view themselves as “problem-solvers,” hardly the mindset of nefarious villains concerned only with what they stand to gain from being in Washington, D.C. (130-131). Lessig later affirms that this dependence on campaign funding has led to both parties being unable to accomplish their partisan objectives. During his presidency, Ronald Regan established three central goals for