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  • Questions On Ostracoderm

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    1) Ostracoderm. What are their characteristics? Did they all look the same? Do they possess the chordate characteristics? Vertebrate characteristics? Ostracoderm was regarded as the primitive and oldest chordates according to (Gregory 1995).They possessed small fins i.e. medial fins but they lacked lateral fins. Their mouths were always open. Their body size is small with non beyond 15 cm long. They move food with help of ciliated motion and their muscular gill pouch assist them in creating suction

  • Essay Tetrapods

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    The early Devonian period is largely considered to be a world of a diverse array of lobe-finned fish, including lungfish, coelacanths, and bony fish. Over the course of time, vertebrates made evolutionary strides with provided them with the ability to travel on land. Coelacanths developed a single boned shoulder girdle, lungfish developed paired fins, and sauripterus developed the major structures on the arm (humerus, radius, and ulna). As these developments progressed and environmental pressures

  • Tetrapods: From Water To Land Essay

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    Abstract:      The early tetrapods were the first vertebrates to actually walk the solid earth. They began their conquest of land in the Paleozoic era around 360 million years ago. The question many paleontologists have been asking for a long period of time is whether the anatomy for locomotion on land was developed in water for swimming purposes, or if it was adapted after the creatures became terrestrial. Recent findings of fossils indicate that the transformations of

  • Craniata Essay

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    The Sarcopterygii or lobed finned fish have a fin that extend from a lobe structure opposed to being directly on the body. Since this trait is one that is only present in the Sarcopterygii that makes it a synapomorphy. In the evolutionary history of vertebrates there are few traits that have as much of an impact as the evolution of jaws and the

  • Dipnoi Essay

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    DIPNOI Dipnoi are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Osteichthyes, order Dipteriformes, families Ceratodontidae and Lepidosirenidae.The Dipnoi or the lung fishes are the unique group of bony fishes. Dipnoi owes its name to the presence of two nostrils. The dipnoi are a group of sarcopterygiian fish and are commonly known as the lung fishes. Their lung is a modified swim bladder, which in most fish is used for buoyancy in swimming, but in the lungfish also absorbs

  • Week 5 Lab Systematics

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    Virtual Systematics Lab: Introduction to Systematics Worksheet Learning Goal: To learn how biologists classify species based on their evolutionary relationships. Prerequisite Knowledge: Before beginning this lab, you should be familiar with these concepts: why biologists today use the three-domain system of classification how evolutionary trees depict biologists’ understandings about the evolutionary relationships among groups of organisms Introduction: Almost every place on Earth, from the surface

  • Biodiversity: Catfish In Mississippi

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    Mississippi is one of the most biodiverse states in the nation. Because of this biodiversity, the vast forests, rivers, and plains provide food and shelter for a host of animals. Species in Mississippi include everything from birds and mammals to mussels and fish. In the waters of Mississippi and the Mississippi River, there are over 280 species of fish. These species include carp, bass, and many others. However, the fish that is most known in Mississippi is the catfish.About 60% of all the catfish

  • Antomy of Fish and Amphibians Essay

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    Anatomy A way to identify a fish is by their body structure, they have fins and a backbone. The anatomical adaptation of fins helps them survive and makes them and marine animal unique in that they use them to maintain their position, move, steer, and stop. Most fish have scales and breathe though gills. Most fish also have a mucus layer that helps them prevent infections. With in what we consider “fish,” there are many that don’t very much look like they are earth creatures. The strangest fish