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  • The Savannah College Of Art And Design

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    searched for a way to provide college degree programs. In the spring of 1979, SCAD purchased and renovated the Savannah Volunteer Guard Armory to serve as the first classroom and administration building. The historic significance of the 1892 structure was recognized by its nomination for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Named Poetter Hall in honor of two of the founders, the building remains in active use by SCAD today. Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit,

  • Summer Pre College Application Essay

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    to attend Pratt Institute’s Summer Pre-College course to experience what it is like living on a college campus while learning important art skills that can benefit me as I pursue my career in Graphic Design. My love of art all started when I was in kindergarten. The first art project I remember was a paper collage of a winter landscape, with penguins drawn on top. What I enjoyed the most about this project was adding little white dots as snowflakes. My art teacher Karla gave each of us a Q-Tip and

  • Eduardo Moncada Personal Statement

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    Hello, I am Alejandro Moncada and I’m currently a college student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), majoring in Graphic Design with two minors in Illustration and Motion Media Design. My expected graduation date is 2018, and I am both excited and daunted about what the future may have in stock for me. I was born and raised in Mexico City. The eldest of three kids (two boys and one girl), we were brought up with a mixed cultural background since my mom’s family is from Lebanon and

  • Sample Fashion Admission Essay

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    I am honored to apply for the Master of Arts Luxury and Fashion Management program at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I have not always known which professional career path was best for me however; I have always had a passion for the arts, fashion specifically. My desires were armored during my undergraduate curriculum and ignited an enthusiasm to further pursue and perfect my craft. I am confident attending SCAD will place me one step closer to my aspirations. I received my undergraduate

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Jordyn

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    loved art and how she didn’t plan on going to medical school. Her parents looked at each other and then agreed that they would think about it. Jordyn was happy because at least the said they would think about

  • Aspirations After College

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    As I got older my talent branched off into other realms. I then realized that all I ever wanted to do was create, through any medium. Whether it be art, music fashion or film, I aspired to create. To ascend to a place where I can eternally fashion my whims and idylls is my final goal. My dreams for my future occupation are to (probably) finish college, find a studio, team of creative executives and eventually become a deity of sorts. To achieve these goals I have designated a certain path for myself

  • Designing The Fashion Industry ( Mcalpine 14 )

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    heart of the fashion world. Designing is a form of art that is translated into clothing. Inspiration for the designs comes from trends, art, culture, places, and the media. Fashion designers create ideas which they turn into clothing to sell. The first step of designing is researching current fashion trends and predicting future trends. Trends determine the success of the fashion industry (McAlpine 14). Designers choose a speciality to design. Swimwear, bridal wear, children’s clothing, footwear

  • Fashion Trends And The Fashion Industry

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    oversee production of their designs. Fashion designers translate their ideas into clothing to sell. The first step of designing is researching current fashion trends and predicting future trends. Trends determine the success of the fashion industry. Designers normally choose a speciality to design, such as swimwear, bridal wear, children’s clothing, footwear, and men’s wear. Sketching the original design is the next important step of the design process. Computer Aided Designs are the modern method of

  • Winter Warmer Persuasive Essay

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    Looking to warm up your winter? As winter approaches, hundreds of thousands of snowbirds are preparing for their annual move from the north, escaping to warmer climates. Of course you will be spending more than three months far far away from the long, cold winters of the North, but are you sure which destination is the right one for you? Whether you are moving South or West in search of warmer climates, each state has its delicacies just waiting for you to enjoy. Choose wisely. Check out eight states

  • Transition Program Essay

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    may never be answered. The mission of Transitions is to prepare teens and young adults with Autism and Learning Differences for college, career, and life. The program collaborates with Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Lexington – The Fulton County chapter of NYSARC, MAYO Clinic, Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, Sage College, Savannah College of Art and Design, UCLA Peers Clinic, University of Washington, and Virginia Commonwealth University (Transitions, 2016). A combination of these partnerships