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  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    Billy woke up to Prega yelling in his ear , and he responded with, “ BE QUIET YOU DUMB BIRD!” She squawked again and Billy mumbled, “ yeah I know we have to go.” So Billy and Prega got ready to head to Frengland to go to there ship. When they got there Billy picked up a newspaper and it declared, “ A random man and his tiger have been seen running around Hijacking people's boats in the Partic sea. BEWARE.” Prega said out of the blue, “We should go across those waters and go to Parlena and trade

  • Miedo Vampiro : A Short Story : Miedo Compiro

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    named Bev, Rich, Billy, Benn, Eddy, Michael,and Stanley. They had been stalked by clown. They each saw the clown at least once. But before they saw their worst fear. Bev her father Benn skeletons Richey clowns Billy saw george Eddy a dead corpse Michael dead stuff Stanley a dead girl. Those were their worst fear. Billy saw George yell “CLOWN” before he went missing. Benn’s father died in Korea and he saw his skeleton in a swamp then the clown appeared and yelled “You’ll float too!”. The skeleton tried

  • Essay on Till We Have Faces and The Vision of Ungit

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    Till We Have Faces and The Vision of Ungit        Queen Orual of Glome, the main character in C.S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces is often the victim of mysterious visions that appear to relate to her real-life experiences.  In one of her final visions, Queen Orual dreams that she is Ungit, an all-consuming goddess who is worshipped by the people of Glome.  Orual definitely is Ungit; she has several characteristics that give evidence of this.  Orual is all-consuming and possessive in her

  • Designing A Carcase Table Using The Appropriate Woodwork Skills

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    it will be designed according to the specifications. First I will sketch and design my carcase table to make sure that it fits the right specifications. Then I will construct it in the workshop using such machines as, the router, the drop saw, and the band saw. Once it is constructed, it will be sanded to make sure it is nice and smooth and it will be varnished with a particular finish. Once the carcase table is constructed and varnished I will test it to see

  • My Life: Hold on Tight and Fight No Matter How Hard Things Are

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    When the guards finally saw the flames and got panicked, we crept out of the bush and quickly crawled under the fence as we planned. Both Max and I were very nervous and our hearts were pounding very fast with excitement and fear. We ran away from the area as quick as we could and we were very fortunate and escaped from there. Max led the way to Maryland and we walked many miles for many days and nights. We finally reached Aunt Marie’s home and I hugged her so tight once I saw her. I then asked Aunt

  • The Day Of A Local Coffee Shop

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    average town. I worked an average job and went home and did average things. That is until I went to that average coffee shop on that average day. I was sitting at the table doing my last minute assignment for work. I looked up and saw a gorgeous girl walk in the coffee shop. She saw me too. I wasn’t the kind of person to go up to someone I didn’t know and start talking to them. Thankfully she was though. She came up to me and smiled, she told me her name was Aubree and I told her my name was Blair. Little

  • A Rainbow Comes After The Storm Short Story

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    A Rainbow Comes After the Storm Newaygo, Michigan, a small, little, suburban town north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their tubing and rafting was a hotspot for families to spend quality time together. I was part of one of them. I was filled with excitement. While we were waiting in line, we were cracking jokes and having a good time. “Group number 43, head your way to the pink bus!” the announcer called. My family of 7 got onto the bus. It was my uncle, my aunt, my 6-year-old cousin, Avi, My 11-year-old

  • Essay On Dominic's Life

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    Dominic’s eyes start to open slowly from the glare of the sun coming from an opening in the curtains, showing small particles of dust lingering around like snowflakes. He blinks and adjusts his eyes to his digital alarm clock reading 8:00 AM. He heaves himself out of bed, rubbing his heavy and lumpish eyes and walks lazily towards the bathroom like a baby taking its first steps. As he turns the shower tap on, the cold and icy water splashes onto his face, making his body shiver as well as goose bumps

  • The Music And Arts Festival

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    trees and even hung from car mirrors. There were hippies sleeping in, and on their cars. I saw people cooking on small grills, selling food right from the trunk of their car. A simple sign that read, “Fish tacos.” I was memorized by all the booths that lined the entrances of Legend Valley. People sold paintings, jewelry, tie dyed bags, shirts, skirts, and head bands. I made my dad stop at one booth because I saw a dress that I absolutely loved. It was priced at $30. When I paid for my purchase the woman

  • Poster Analysis

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    is what seems like the recruiting offices were in need for at the time. Why was it created? This was created in attempt to recruit labored skilled individuals who would contribute to the valiant causes of the war. Most likely the individuals who saw this poster thought to themselves this is their chance to join the military and receive the respect as a “fighting solider” by performing their skilled trades to help contribute in this war as a form of patriotism. List evidence from the poster that