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    Changes in Rita in Act Two Scene One of Educating Rita Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. Russell has written a string of popular, award-winning plays and musicals, but perhaps one of the most well known is Educating Rita. In this play Willy Russell is very much producing a mirror image of parts of his life. As a child and growing up he didn’t care much for school, he considered himself a kid from the ’D’ stream and a piece of factory fodder. Eventually

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    There are many perspectives on how Much Ado About Nothing can be read. The uncertainty is common in all of Shakespeare’s plays, however, it is different compared to ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. It is fair to say that Much Ado About Nothing is a sexist play. The mistreatment of women seems to be a common problem and is present in the arranged marriage between Hero and Claudio, Margaret not knowing what Borachio intended, and the idea becoming unsexed by Beatrice. The misinterpretation of Shakespeare’s

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    Stanhope's Relationship with Raleigh in Journey's End Write about the presentation of Stanhope’s relationship with Raleigh in Act Two Scene One, Act Three Scene Two and Act Three Scene Three. Journey’s end by R.C.Sherriff is an incredible play about how the horrifying conditions in W.W.I affected men physically and psychologically. The audience really feel for the soldiers as the author has made the concept of the war so emotionally involving for the reader. The main character is called

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    Often a hero is thought to be simple, with few complexities that hinder them within a story. Although the typical hero is not one filled with desires for darkness, the qualities and actions of the tragic hero, Dr. Faustus’, are considered to be dark and internal dilemmas. Though he has obtained expansive knowledge through studying, for him the world's knowledge is not enough. Consequently, in his quest for more knowledge at the price of his soul, he in turn had to be constrained to the views of the

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