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  • Athletic Scholarships Essay

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    Athletic Scholarships There are many good athletes in professional sports today. There are many good athletes in college sports today also. Some of the biggest names in sports are Mark McGwire, Steve Young, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and so on. Now, imagine if all of those players never made it to the pros. What would happen to professional sports? Why are they in the pros now? To make it into professional sports you need more than just talent. You need opportunity. College scholarships

  • PWID Scholarship Essay

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    Helpless. Grateful. Blessed. As a Professional Writing and Information Design (PWID) student, I have many options of what I want to do with my life after graduation. When I started this major in junior year, I had vague ideas of what I wanted to do, but I thought I was not good enough for them. I knew I wanted to be a writer; however, I did not know where to go with my writing skills. I had a lot of trouble knowing what I could do as a writer and what jobs I could find in my shallow search. When

  • Essay about Athletic Scholarships; Pros and Cons

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    College scholarships, the attraction of every devoted sports player out there. Earning scholarships brings players together not only to step up their game, but to be enthusiastic about exceeding their academic goals. Colleges put down an amount of money to attract top athletes from high schools all over their state. Athletic meaning all sports, like golf, fencing, and water polo. Tons of schools and families support the aid colleges grant in their athletic scholarship programs, while others are against

  • The Importance Of My College Scholarship Essay

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    total of four essays, each one seem to be better then the last. My best essay had to have been my college scholarship essay. The prompt I used for my scholarship essay was “something I know now that I wish I knew when I was younger”. I talk about how failure is something everyone should experience, because it helps you learn from your mistakes and gain valuable experience. I truly believe in this concept, which helped me, dive head first into this essay. Something else that made this essay standout,

  • College Sports - Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports Essay

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    Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports       Saturdays in the fall bring together millions of people to celebrate college football, a ritual that bonds the community in stadiums and in living rooms across America. This American sport takes a heavy financial toll in colleges everywhere. Just one in four colleges across America make money on their football team (mostly large division I schools). College teams spend millions of dollars stockpiling athletes and struggle to keep pace with rivals

  • Scholarship Essay For Scholarship

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    My Scholarship Essay As a goal oriented young adult, I aim to express my motivation to apply for the Valencia College foundation scholarship. As a college student, I thrive on the challenges and obstacles that I encounter which allow me to continue become a successful scholar. My family for one, are the main source of motivation, which allows me to continue to excel in school. My past work experiences, also allow me to push through to my full potential in continuing my education. Lastly, my educational

  • Scholarship Essay

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    Scholarship Essay The foreclosure crisis is the second major financial dilemma of the twenty-first century. To solve this, the roots of the problem need to be dug up and exposed followed by replanting with an appropriately improved regulatory system to help build stronger roots for the future. It seems that the free market system can't be free anymore given its intertwining roots extend way beyond domestic to international financial systems. There are two fundamental causes to the latest credit

  • How To Reduce Student Loans

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    Many students receive scholarships, grants and many other government aids, and think that since college is “technically free” then they can do whatever they want. A lot of student receiving a scholarship or a grant sometimes loose it due to their poor grades. Website called three mistakes that will cost you a college scholarship written by Jacob Davidson who is a news editor at Time. He previously worked at Money as a reporter/producer

  • Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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    paycheck at the end of the month, in one way or the other they do receive rewarding benefits through scholarships and grants because of their ability to be successful on the playing field. Thus, college athletes should not be paid because they are receiving a free education through scholarships and earning countless other benefits for being part of the university’s athletic program. For this informative essay a college athlete from Colorado State University was interviewed about weather or no he though

  • Personal Narrative: My Move To College

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    university academic world. Having no knowledge of how to write an essay or what college would require of me, I attempted to take it head on, and spent my junior year working; spending all of the money I made in order to hire a college counselor who could help me, first, even get into college. This turned out to be a poor choice on my part; I made it through the application process but never learned the why to the choices we made for my essays and applications or how they would relate to other applications