Scholastic wrestling

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  • Descriptive Essay - The Wrestling Room

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    The Wrestling Room As I sit here with my eyes closed, I imagine a tropical breeze. The warm wet air slides over my face. The humidity seems almost heavy enough to crush me. As I take a deep breath, the realization that this is no tropical air comes crashing in. Instead of the refreshing scent of the ocean, or tropical plants, the taste of salt from sweat and a smell of the human body fill my lungs. The daydream is over. A shrill whistle sounds and the voice of coach Chuck booms through out the

  • Wrestling: Training for the Rest of Your Life

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    gentials, and headbutts. Although wrestling is a great sport things do happen and rules are set as a precursor. Wrestling is aggressive but not a violent sport. Wrestling coaches do not teach wrestling techniques to athletes so that it may be used in an attempt to injure or disable opponents. Wrestling is a good sport because it allows for non-violent aggression. The point is not to hurt and/or harm your opponent but to use controlled force against their force. Wrestling is man to man competition that

  • The Start of My Love for Wrestling

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    I believe wrestling is one of the hardest sports around the world. There are only a few who stick around throughout the season because they are willing to endure the pain. I had difficulties deciding which sport to play, and I chose the one that called out to me the most. I had difficulties throughout the season at first, and then I loved wrestling even more after it ended. Ever since I was little and saw WWE RAW, a wrestling TV show, for the first time, I enjoyed watching wrestling on TV. I would

  • Essay on The History of Wresling

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    Freshman, I was curious about the sport of Wrestling. When I tried out for it, I was eager to learn more about it. It is not just rolling around on the mat it is a form of combat using grappling techniques such as throws, takedowns, pins, holds, and joint locks. In addition into this sport, there are a variety of ways to use these grappling techniques. Wrestling has many rich memories of it is history with a variety of wrestling styles and rules. Wrestling can be traced back to cave drawings during

  • Baseball Field, Track, And Weight Room

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    field, football field, track, gymnasium, in the weight room, and on the wrestling mat. Just like those poor aforementioned kids being yelled at by their coach, this statement just bounced off me, never finding a sticking place among all my doubt and insecurity. Nowhere was this more true that on the wrestling mat; Coach Jaimez has told my teammates and I this countless times, and not once throughout my first four years of wrestling did this ever sink in. I am ashamed of this, as those athletes in the

  • Violence in Boxing and Similar Sports

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    In 1962, Norman Cousins wrote an essay about the dangers that came with sport of boxing called “Who Killed Benny Paret?”. His essay focused on a match that resulted in the death of a boxer named Benny Paret. The Investigations on Paret's death reflected on many aspects, such as the role of the referee who did not act in time to stop the fight, the doctor's examinations if he was really fit, the opponent who did not stop when Paret did not respond to his punches, and Paret's manager and boxing authorities

  • Anger And Anger Of Anger

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    Walking into a school, workplace, or home with a scowl on your face and it moping around with your head hanging down and your eyes staring at the ground isn’t anger. Anger isn’t serene or tranquility, its an outburst of frustration. Anger is holding your breath till your face turns blue and not being able to breathe. Anger is a feeling of resentment and rage (DEFINITION). It’s a feeling of hatred towards someone or something. Anger can build and build inside of you for so long that one day you will

  • I Found Myself at Wrestling Camp Essay

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    guys. Yet that is exactly what I did this last July. No, it’s not what you’re thinking; I went to wrestling camp. Wrestling is a sport that I’ve always wanted to try, but my shyness and insecurity held me back. This year I decided that I will no longer allow other people’s opinions affect my own decisions. Joining wrestling is the first major step I’m taking to change my life. “You want to do…wrestling? As in…wrestle?” This is the initial reaction I got from Coach McGuffin when I told him I wanted

  • What Is The Best Sport Essay

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    I think the best sport is wrestling even though It's probably the least fun sport in the world. I think it's the best sport because it's a great example of a team that is a brotherhood. I think it's the best sport because it is an individual sport and the person controls whether he wins or loses and there's nothing to blame your losses on but yourself. I think it's the best sport because if you want to achieve big things like being a state champ you have to work hard by yourself and there's no one

  • Informative Essay About Wrestling

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    Wrestling Something that is special to me is wrestling, wrestling is my favorite sport because I really enjoy; I like the work and effort you have to put in and how it's all on you to decide how you do. I have been wrestling since 8th grade, and it has become my favorite sport sense. I will tell you why it is special to me and how it has become my favorite sport and everything you need to know about wrestling as a sport. Wrestling during a match. You don’t need much gear to wrestle, all you need