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  • School Bus Safety Campaign : An Exciting Time For Many Young Students

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    Going to school is an exciting time for many young students. The first time getting on a school bus for your first day of school can be scary yet exciting. Many students are anxious about how their first day of school is going to go and worried about getting lost. What most kids don’t think about are the dangers of distracted or unlawful drivers as they get on or off of a bus. The illustrator of the visual I chose uses context, purpose, color, movement, and text to trigger an emotional appeal from

  • Case Analysis : Food Products

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    Client Profile: Established in Salem, Oregon, USA in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products (referred to as “OFP” hereafter) is a canned fruit and berry provider. OFP provides specialty canned whole fruits, 17 different aseptic purees (tailored toward brewing companies), canned purees, and bottled frozen purees. All of OFP products and processing areas are free of corn syrup, artificial dyes, major food allergens, and common sensitizing agents such as gluten. OFP is a certified organic processor that uses non-BPA-lined

  • Introduction Of The First World War

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    transfixed by the Gallipoli campaign that we have failed to look at what was happening elsewhere during the First World War? There is a strong case to be made that Gallipoli has over the past hundred years, overshadowed the real stage on which the war was fought – the Western Front. This does a great injustice to the many thousands of Australians who fought and died there. It is time to set the record straight – not to diminish Gallipoli – but to raise the Western Front campaign to the same degree of

  • Essay on Campaign Finance Issues

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    a voice in our own government. Elections are the choice microphones for many citizens. There on Election Day, they have the right of making their voices heard; however, many interest groups and a few individuals seem to have a louder voice due to campaign financing: No U.S. official should be beholden to one or a few groups. And no group or individual should have a greater claim on our elected leaders than any other. That’s the way it should work. But it is growing clear to more and more Americans

  • Political Campaign Project

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    For my political campaign project, I partnered up with Christina in my class to phone bank with Jane Kim’s campaign for California State Senate. Jane Kim is San Francisco’s Supervisor of District 11. She is a more than a capable and qualified candidate for the spot as a senator with her alma mater being Stanford University and UC Berkeley School of Law. In 2010, she was elected onto the District 6 Board of Supervisors and became the first Asian-American candidate to win an Asian district in the city

  • A Soldier Lies Dying On The Battlefield, Cannonballs Fly Overhead

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    power. This relates to present day as the corporate elite fight against the people to fatten their checkbooks. Campaign finance presses a real issue today because the people are no longer in control of the government. Elections are bought and paid for by billionaires with certain corporate agendas in place. Bernie Sanders has recently brought this issue up to attention claiming to campaign for the people, and be free of super pacs. Sanders wishes for a government beholden to the people of America,

  • Jane Bitzi Class Liberalism

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    Daddy. Jane worked with her parents since she was 12 in various community development programs. She accompanied her parents to various social events to raise money to build houses for the poor across the United States. When she 16, and still in high school she was recognized by then-governor, Mike Kaufman for her efforts in fighting poverty alongside her parents. Bitzi attended the University of Texas at Arlington where she graduated with a bachelor in Computer Science. After graduation, she got

  • My Career As A Signal Officer Essay

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    From a young age, I knew that I was interested in public speaking and the crafting of messages that the audience would be able to learn from. After joining the Army at 18 and choosing a degree in communication, it was clear to me that my two favorite things would overlap in the future, to bring me the career of my dreams. After graduating college with a degree in Organizational and Professional communication and with a minor in Advocacy in Criticism, I am committed to serve in the Army full time

  • How Fbla And Its Strong Impact

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    FBLA AND ITS STRONG IMPACT. FBLA is a very important organization to Otterville High School. We have 67 members out of the 77 kids in the High School. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. They are divided into schools, districts, states, then countries. We have schools from all of the United State like Puerto Rico, Florida, California, New York, and even some people come from China. All of these schools come and meet at the National FBLA Conference (NLC) in the determined city. Some

  • Election Budget Essay

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    social media websites etc. Hiring expertise consultants and campaign staff, purchasing databases and sophisticated polling information, and covering overhead expenses, all rely on the money resource. Campaign costs vary in a broad number range. According to an analysis by Texas Tribune, the money spent by each candidate varied from $3,197,957.56 for U.S. House to $0. While the highest “cost per vote” reached $61.52. The analysis reveals “campaigns that won or lost on the cheap, as well as those that paid