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  • High School Robotics Safety Captain

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    Throughout my high school career, I have been a member of the robotics team at Niceville High School. During my tenure, I embodied the mascot of robotics: the Radioactive Roach. Last year, I also served as the team's Safety Captain. Ordinarily a shy person, Robotics has pushed me out of my comfort zone by enabling me to take on a leadership position. An aspect of the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) organization, is that the teams must contribute to their community

  • School Vice Captain-SRC Secretary: Leader

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    School Vice Captain - SRC Secretary - QIP (Queensland Inter-year Program) Leader Over my schooling life, I’ve held several leadership roles both in primary and secondary school. They’ve been some of the hardest tasks I’ve had, yet, I’ve found ways to overcome them and be successful. I was elected as school vice-captain and SRC secretary by my peers. I had to give up my own time in order to make the best commitment to my school but I'm very happy to just do that. I am confident and will often set

  • The Korengal Valley Is A Mountain Passage

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    from a three-story mansion that belonged to Haji Matin, a timber baron with ties to insurgent forces within the valley. This presented a problem as the United States Army had made the promise that it would bomb the homes of the Korengali locals. Captain Kearney attempted to keep this promise. “My guys would tell me they didn’t know which houses they’re shooting from, and I’d tell them they can’t shoot back into the villages,” Kearney told a reporter, Elizabeth Ruben,

  • I Never Thought Being Chosen As Captain For My High School Robotics Team

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    I never thought being chosen as captain, for my high school robotics team, would make me more responsible and learn to rely on others. The experience of leading a team, changed not only how interact with people, but also how I handle stressful situations. Becoming the captain of the team taught me that I need to take not only responsibility of my actions, but the actions of those who I lead, how to be a proper leader, and when a stressful or difficult situation comes up how one should weather the

  • The Importance Of Discipline And Punishment In Starship Troopers

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    the recruits. Captain Frankle was Sergeant Zim’s head in command. When Sergeant Zim encountered a problem, which rarely occurred, would report to Captain Frankle, who would manage the situation and apply appropriate punishment. In one particular case a trainee, Ted Hendrick, punched Sergeant Zim and had to suffer a sentence of ten lashes and bad conduct discharge after a court marshalling. After the court marshalling the new recruit, Johnnie, overheard Sergeant Zim request Captain Frankle for a

  • The The Wreck of the Medusa Essay

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    took possession of them, leaving approximately 150 members for the raft. Seventeen crewmen decided, for whatever reason, to remain on The Medusa. Those in the lifeboats quickly decided that towing the raft was impractical, and Governor Schmaltz, not Captain De Chaumereys, was the first to drop the tow line to the raft, leaving it to the cruelty of the open sea. On the raft, the situation quickly deteriorated, and panic consumed those aboard. Fighting broke out, provisions were destroyed and the Raft

  • Book Review

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    BOOK REVIEW COMPANY COMMAND THE BOTTOM LINE BY: JOHN G. MEYER,JR. IG ASSESSOR STUDENT OFFICER LT ABHISHEK SHARMA YO’S FD-1606 ‘B’ TP CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. About the author 3. About the book 4. Quality of presentation

  • The And Of The United States

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    and go for a bit for Captain O’Hara and Major Luxon. There were some farms and ranches east of Hawkesbury Farm and some of the ranching and farming communities had joined forces and created their own states, with their own local governments and declared they were no longer part of the United States. Captain O’Hara was notified that there was flash traffic waiting for him at the base communications center. It was only a shortwave radio, but it was better than nothing. Captain O’Hara was in the middle

  • Assessment Of An Organizational Leader

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    Assessment of an Organizational Leader It is not uncommon for individuals in a private corporation or in a state public sector organization to associate leadership concepts with the top brass in today’s military. Individuals will make the assumption that if someone obtains a certain rank in the military then that person must possess the skills and qualities of an all-encompassing leader who can successfully lead the most complex of organizations. Such assumptions, however, do not consider that

  • Dbq : Was Magellan Worth Defending?

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    DBQ: Was Magellan Worth Defending? 1519: a Spanish armada of five ships set sail that would soon be the first to circumnavigate the globe. Their captain, a Portuguese noble, was an accomplished student of cartography and astronomy. Europe’s cravings for spices sent Columbus to Asia, and into the barrier that was the Americas. Magellan’s expedition sought to find a way through, on a mission to bring a new trade route and immense wealth to Spain. Through the crew’s starvation, two mutinies against