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  • Reflection For School Counseling

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    this course was a short, general overview of what school counseling has to offer, it has opened my eyes to aspects of the profession that I think I will excel in and other things that I think I may struggle with. First, I believe that one strength of mine is that I am very organized. I take pride in my organization skills and it helps me get things done in a timely and efficient manner. I feel that organization is an important skill to have as a school counselor because of all of the paperwork and documentation

  • Comprehensive School Counseling

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    When school counselors are tasked with designing and sustaining comprehensive school counseling programs they must act from a strengths-based principle, by not so much concentrating on barriers but focusing on promoting/advocating strengths/abilities and resiliency. Counselors intervening effectively with youths at risk from early deprivation will help build resiliency in spite of negative factors in their lives (Rak & Patterson, 1996). This approach was not designed to be used as a delivery method

  • Professional School Counseling

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    Abstract Over the years experts have studied the history and developmental aspects of the professional school counseling field. This paper will give an introduction to professional school counseling and the importance of the field as it relate to counseling. Major themes that are attached to the field of professional school counseling are relevant in their duties and a few are listed with their meaning, important identified clients, what counselors do to help in the situation, and the outcome for

  • Importance Of School Counseling

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    daily are school counselors. For this reason, I aspire to be a K-12 school counselor. In retrospect, there were many experiences that led me to this directive path, namely my class and internship experiences. Also, reflecting on my own personal character, I realize there are many qualities that will enable me to be a school counselor that supports students in achieving high standards. Being certain of my pursuit and knowing very well that Indiana State University has a top-notched counseling program

  • Importance Of School Counseling

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    According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), “Today's school counselors are vital members of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow” (2017). The definition of a school counselor has changed throughout the years. There has been a shift from guidance/vocational counseling to a more well-rounded approach.

  • Purpose Of School Counseling

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    In schools all over the world today, School Counselors are crucial to assisting students, parents, school administrations, and the community. I believe that creating an effective counseling program that supports the counselors’ role in education will foster a close interaction between students and counselor to achieve success in their personal/social lives, academic achievements, and college readiness careers. The Purpose of School Counseling School counselors help students in setting up their career

  • Reflection On School Counseling

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    School Counseling Reflection This week I had the opportunity to fulfill my practicum hours at two different locations. The locations that I observed were Columbia Elementary School’s summer care program and a Mad City Money Event located at Members 1st Credit Union. Both experiences opened my eyes to see a wide range of situations and behaviors among kindergarten through high school. Each observation provided two very different outlooks and each contributed to my knowledge in some way. Columbia

  • Philosophy Of School Counseling

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    As a school counselor in practice, my philosophy of the role of the school counselor is that school counselors play a tremendous role in the life of their student and is very important for us, school counselors to be aware of our role in the students’ life. We play a big role in their development of different areas such as personal development, career/academic development, and social development. Therefore, what guide me to this career is that I want to be able to advocate for my students, and to

  • School Counseling Personal Statement

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    the Hunter College School Counseling program indicates that your curriculum and approach will allow me to apply my motivation and aptitude to help others. The field of counseling, and the resources offered by your program, will allow me the chance to pursue excellence in a meaningful career field I care deeply about. As a graduate of Queens College with a Psychology major and Biology minor, I am excited about applying various facets of my scholarly training into the counseling profession, integrating

  • School Counseling Website Analysis

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    School counselors encounter students from vastly different and diverse backgrounds. School counseling websites aid students and their families from different backgrounds so they may know the services offered within their school. In “School Counseling Websites: Do They Have the Content That Serves Diverse Students” published in Professional School Counseling, Stephen Kennedy and Stanley Baker evaluate the websites and if the sites meet ASCA’s diversity ethical standards. School counseling websites