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  • Schumann and the Kinderszenen

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    Schumann and the Kinderszenen Robert Schumann, composer throughout the early- to mid-nineteenth century, is probably best known for his songs and piano works. Before injuring his finger most likely through the use of a chiroplast (an instrument that guides the hands while playing; highly controversial), Schumann was an avid piano player, if not a proper concert pianist and virtuoso[1]. But due to this ailing finger, Schumann had to eventually find other means to support his life. Thankfully

  • Robert Schumann Essay

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         Robert Alexander Schumann was born in the small riverside town of Zwickau, Saxony, in 1810.The youngest of five children, Robert Schumann was brought up in comfortable, middle-class respectability. As a child, he apparently exhibited no remarkable abilities.      At the age of six, Robert was sent to the local preparatory school, run by Archdeacon Dohner. He had in fact already begun his education, with the young tutor who gave lessons in exchange

  • Song Cycles Of Schumann

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    I have chosen these two cycles to analyse because they represent the two side of one story, the masculine and feminine points of views of love. These two song cycles were composed shortly after one another. Frauenliebe und Leben was described by Gerhard Kaiser as: Her daughters of citizenry could find their womanly role in life sketched out for them, from first love, through wedding, motherhood and widowhood, to old age and death. Like Gretchen’s song at the spinning wheel, these poems too involve

  • The Rise And Fall Of Robert Schumann

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    AND FALL OF ROBERT SCHUMANN) Robert Schumann is regarded as one of the most influential and recognized composers and critics in history. He was born in Zwickau Germany and was most prominent during the romantic era, writing what many consider some of the greatest but also worst music of his time. He was married to Clara Wieck and they had eight children. Even though Schumann was able to accomplish plenty during his music career, his life is considered short lived. Robert Schumann was extremely talented

  • How Robert Schumann Revolutionized Music

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    How Robert Schumann Revolutionized Music There are only a few activities that exist that utilizes the entire brain, and music is one of those things. When we listen to music our whole brain in reacting to it and this is in a good way. When we listen to music dopamine is released into our bodies making us happy. Music is and has been part of our culture for a long time. But if we go back to the Romantic era in music we can find a musician with the name of Robert Schumann. Robert was a musician who

  • Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel

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    INTRODUCTION BIOGRAPHY Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel are considered possibly the most important female figures of the Romantic Era. Both women were friends living with the struggles of trying to make a name for themselves as musicians and composers while living in the shadows of their famous male family members: Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn. Clara Schumann Clara Josephine Wieck was born on September 13, 1819 in Leipzig, Germany into a musical family. Her father, Friedrich

  • Robert Schumann 's Influence On Life

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    Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau, Saxony on June 8, 1810. At four years of age, Schumann entered a private school (Par 1). At the age of six, he found the love for music and studied the piano. In 1827, he came under the encouragement of musician, Franz Schubert and the poet Jean Paul Richter (Par 2). Also in 1827, he composed some songs at the age of 17 (Par 2). Schumann left school in 1828, due to family pressure (Par 3). He entered the University of Leipzig as a law student (Par 3). Instead

  • Robert Schumann 's Influence On His Music

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    Robert Schumann was a famous German composer in the Romantic era. When he was young, his talents revealed from poetry to music. In 1830, he decided to be a musician, although he was learning laws. Since he anxiously wanted to be successful in music, his hands got hurt. However, he still had enthusiastic and sensitive depositions. Then he changed to be engaged in creating and commenting on music. Later on, he married Clara Wieck and wrote over hundred outstanding music. Thus, Robert Schumann’s experiences

  • Robert Schumann : The Best Composer Of His Time !

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    Robert Schumann is one of the best composer of his time! Robert was born June 8, 1810 and died July 29, 1856. He was born in Zwickau, in the Kingdom of Saxony. He was the youngest of five kids. His parents were Johanna Schumann and August Schumann. His father was a bookseller, publisher, and a novelist. Robert’s siblings are Carl, Emilie, Julius, and Eduard. Robert married Clara Schumann and had 8 children. His children are Emil, Marie, Elise, Julie, Ludwig, Ferdinand, and Felix. Robert died in Endenich

  • Clara Schumann : A Modern Artist Named Carly Simon

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    Professor Fewtrell 5 August 2015 Clara Schumann A modern artist named Carly Simon once said “A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars” (Brainyguote, 1). This is a great description of the strong and talented Clara Schumann. Her story is full of achievements, love and tragedy and throughout all of it she carries herself with poise and strength that really is not seen much in the present generations. Although Clara Schumann accepted her war and came out proud