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  • Science Fiction As A Thought Experiment

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    Science Fiction as a Thought Experiment Science fiction is a fairly new genre compared to many other literature styles but is one of the most relevant and evolving literary classifications. It is a huge genre that encompasses many different types of stories such as dystopian, utopian, superheroes, and more. Science fiction is primarily used as a reflection of society as well as a forecast of what current society could become. Science fiction is argued to be a “Gedankenexperiment,” or thought experiment

  • My Science Fair Experiment: Homemade Polygraph Test

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    My science fair experiment is a homemade polygraph test. It will measure the sweat responses to different questions. Throughout the experiment I will be asking questions, first testing, then the actual experiment. It will not be as sophisticated as the polygraph tests that the government has, but it still has the same function and purpose. I will be testing Kole Rodriguez for my experiment. The history behind the polygraph machine has gone back to 1902. James McKenzie came up with the inadequate

  • Science Meets Real Life: A Scientific Experiment

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    Running Head: SCIENCE MEETS REAL LIFE: SCIENTIFIC METHOD Science Meets Real Life Part 1: Scientific Method Scenario 1 Step 1: Observation/Research If I arrive home late at night and light does not come on, several thoughts will come into my mind. These thoughts will guide me how to do further research and move ahead. At first, I will go out and check if my neighbors' light is working. If it is working than it means problem is only with my light. I will come back home again and use my cell phone

  • Science Fair Question : Can You Accurately Measure Pi Through Scientific Experiments?

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    Question My testable science fair question is: Can you accurately measure pi through scientific experiments? I will conduct four separate scientific experiments throughout my project. My hypotheses for Hypothesis these experiments will vary greatly. My first experiment will be finding several large circles in our environment, then pacing off the circumstance and the diameter. I will then calculate pi by dividing the measured circumference by the measured diameter. My hypothesis for this method

  • Milk Science Experiment

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    My science experiment has 3 different results but there was only one that matched my hypothesis. After applying all my steps to the soda, when I put it through the strainer the soda completely went through the strainer; there was nothing left behind. Later after applying all my steps to the juice. i also put it through a strainer and i ended up with the same result as the soda. The only liquid i didn't get a bad result for was the milk. The milk went through the strainer and left behind this white

  • Science Fair Experiment

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    activity called the science fair. Her topic was “Does temperature affect the growth of basil plants?” Margaret has a rich desire to absorb all of the facts of the future, so she did this particular science fair experiment to find out if simple plants, such as basil, would be able to survive the deadly affects of global warming. Margaret used the scientific method through her trials of the science fair. So without further a due here is Margaret’s very successful and meticulous science fair journey.

  • The Death Of A Science Experiment

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    of the villain’s, for just a science experiment! It all started by a man who had a special passion for nature. His favorite garden meals were the Blood meals and the Bone meal.

  • Melted Chocolate Science Experiment

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    July 21, 2013 Introduction to Scientific Thought: Science Experiment Project Introduction My wife and I love to cook and especially love to make sweet things. Every year around late April or early May, we travel past Marble Falls to Sweet Berry Farms and hand pick strawberries to make our favorite sweet treats. My wife is somewhat of an expert in the making of strawberry jam and I dabble in desserts made with chocolate; strawberries dipped in milk, dark, and white chocolate are my personal favorites

  • Physics : Science And Volcano Experiment

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    1. Topic; science/volcano experiment a. Teams will be investigating a volcano of their choosing, creating a model of the volcano, and writing a one page report on their findings. The team will come together to write a 1-2 page report and create a volcanic model based on the information they’ve gathered. The roles and responsibilities that students will have include the following: (1). Teammate 1 will be a researcher and Praiser. He/she will verbally express appreciation for teammates’ ideas and

  • Summary Of Eli's Hands-On Science Experiments

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    hands-on science experiments. However, in his rush to begin experiments he tends to miss key directions leaving him and his group struggling with completing the task at hand. Though it can take more than a session for Eli to complete an experiment, his tenacity and desire to learn, allow him to work through the challenges and succeed in the end. His science notes and lab reports are well organized. Eli’s predictions, observations, and conclusions, as they relate to our science experiments, show an