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  • The Science behind War

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    The science behind War As we all know war has been amongst us since time ever began. It has been around when the first creatures were developed and learned how to survive. And as humans evolved over the centuries, we came to realize this theory we call “war” is actually a natural thing. And we then classified it as violence or as the survival of the fittest. And now in modern thinking and technology, we are now able to find how the human mind came up with an idea such as violence. How humans first

  • Science Fiction, And, Star Wars And The Time Machine

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    Science fiction, a genre which has elapsed over decades in the industry, has gained many followers in its several forms of media. Science fiction, in the same sense, has also been analyzed for its value and has received many “Authorities” in the sense that these individuals allow for a more comprehensive look at this type of genre. Different types of subgenres have emerged due to the enhancement of “New Trains of Thought” produced by these “Authorities” and have taken this genre into a new perspective

  • Science Of The War On The World War II Essay

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    15, 2016 Science In Between the War From the sponsorship given the Casa de Contratación by Queen Isabella to the government funding of many ongoing scientific experiments, science has always been heavily linked with politics. Political power often collaborates with technological development in such a manner that societal ideals reflected in the political regime correlates with the objectives behind scientific development. As a result, conflict of political powers as manifested in war leads to an

  • Essay on Science Versus Religion in H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds

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    are Industrialization, Imperialism and science vs. Religion. Industrialization means using off weapons or machines. This is shown in the Novel by H.G. Wells that the Martians are killing the human race by using off their machines and weapons. Imperialism means that creating an empire like United Kingdom just is. This is shown in the Novel by H.G. Wells that the Martians are trying to create their own empire by starting off with the great city London. Science vs. Religion had

  • Star Wars: The Sci-Fi Genre Of Science Fiction

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    The Sci-Fi genre is a massive genre in the media industry, generating millions of dollars in box-office revenue. The genre of Science Fiction emphasizes on extrapolative and other sciences, and also focussing on the empirical method, interacting in a social context in an attempt to harmonize man with the unknown. The genre also expands through various mediums such as video games, comics, films, television series to meet audiences demand for the genre. Companies have tapped into this industry to make

  • Technology And Science More Than World War II

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    No other war in history has had such a profound impact on technology and science more than World War II did. There were numerous new scientific principles and inventions that emerged during the war. This includes thing such as the automatic aircraft (which is known today as a cruise missile) and also the ballistic missile (flew into space before falling down on its target). These missiles were later developed and helped launch the first American astronauts to space. Other technological advancements

  • Star Wars : A Science Fiction Genre Trilogy

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    Research Savon Benally Star Wars Star Wars is a Science Fiction genre trilogy. The stories and ideas of the trilogy were all written by George Lucas. Star Wars was originally a three movie saga. A New Hope was the first movie of the Star Wars trilogy released in 1977. Then a second movie was made sequencing A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Three years later a third movie was made, The Return of The Jedi (1983). With Star Wars originally being a 3 movie saga; a prequel was made with having

  • Star Wars: The Best Five Science Fiction Films

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    Science fiction films have mesmerized the audience the world over with their surreal adventures and special effects. These kinds of movies attract young people the most. But films like Star Wars and Superman have a universal appeal. Science fiction films take their audience to a dream world where everything is out of this world and larger than life. When we look at the best five science fiction films, we should start with the series of films called Star Wars directed by none other than George Lucas

  • Men in Black and Star Wars the Phantom Menace as Science Fiction

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    Men in Black and Star Wars the Phantom Menace as Science Fiction Both of these films contain ideas of war and peace, whether it is the threat of invasion or the protection of land and values; also there is an element of power that is exerted between two sides disrupting the peace and the balance of the universe. Secrecy is added to indicate that not everything should be available for all to see. Conformity is a key theme

  • Star Wars Mixed Science Fiction, Fantasy And Science-Fiction

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    was displaying original works of illustration. These pieces were than seen by a large number of the population, more specifically members of art schools. Fantasy and Science-Fiction became the go to themes for various forms of entertainment medium. Specifically after the theatrical release of Star Wars in 1972. Star Wars mixed science fiction and fantasy with production techniques, animatronic figures, model making, painted backgrounds, and adventure