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  • What Makes A Good Scientist?

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    What are the usual connotations of a scientist? Well, people tend to think that most scientists are brainiac, bookish, and intelligent people that have unusually high IQ scores and are proficient in mathematics. These connotations can be off putting to adolescents, who see themselves as the next Sir Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking because they may lack in a certain area of expertise. Internationally acclaim evolutionary biologist, Dr. Edward Wilson, exclaims that in order to be successful in the

  • The Effect Of A Media Stimulus On The Perceptions Of Scientist

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    Methods conducted two studies to collect data on the perception of scientists. The purpose of the two studies conducted was to examine the stereotypes of scientists of undergraduate Speech and Hearing Science majors, and whether the use of media has an influence on these stereotypes. Study one was a descriptive study that consisted of administering a Draw-A-Scientist test. This was done in order to understand the perceptions of scientists in a sample of Speech and Hearing Science majors at a large research

  • The Objectivity Of Science And Science

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    be contingent on our trust in the scientists who are feeding us knowledge. We often believe these scientists, but is there actually a reason for us to trust what they are passing on to us? What would science be if they had not been telling the truth? There is no denying the existence of public trust in the words of scientists, but it should be noted that everything that we understand as scientific fact today would be in question if we lost trust in our scientists. Teachers of science, doers of science

  • Each Career In The Science Field Comes With Its Own Set

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    Each career in the science field comes with its own set of challenges. Aspiring wildlife biologists and current scientists should know what the major challenges are in the field. Wildlife biologists struggle to find a permanent job in general. There is a considerable amount of research projects that rely on the government’s funding (Wildlife Biologists Careers: Job Description & Salary Info). Funding from the government can be limited, which puts time constraints on projects. Often, people do

  • Animal Testing And Veterinary Purposes

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    “Scientists told to stop wasting animal lives,” this is an article from The Guardian, written by Robin McKie. It addresses the issues about using animals to test products for us to use such as, medicines to try help treat serious illnesses and also for veterinary purposes. Animal testing is carried out by scientists to also test items we use daily such as makeup but this article is not talking about those particular issues. This article is discussing about undergoing new guidelines for those that

  • Disadvantages Of A Space Elevator

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    as the “Tower of Babel, long before any scientist thought about or came up with the idea to invent an elevator to take trips out of this world, instead of mentioning an elevator of course it was described as building a tower so high it would reach to the heavens. However, today that story is now almost a reality. With novels, such as that written by Arthur C. Clarke with the idea of a ride that would glide you into space. It made the idea to many scientists of a way for a space elevator to be created

  • Career And College Research Paper Essay

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    Career and College Research Paper I decided to go with a career in astronomy. An astronomer is a scientist who tries to understand the wonders of the Universe as well the wonders beyond our universe. Astronomers also study the stars, planets, and other galaxies (“Careers in Astronomy | IAU”). I chose a career in astronomy because I have always been fascinated by space and how the universe works. It is extremely important to understand education or training requirements, skills or talents needed

  • My Experience With A Child

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    sonication and homogenization methods and running RC-DC (reducing agent and detergent compatible) protein assays. I also gained experience working independently on research projects. This internship introduced me to the life of an independent research scientist and motivated me to pursue a career in research. The most impactful aspect of this internship, however, was the fact that it forced me to abandon my life science-based comfort zone, and start to think and research as an engineer. I became familiar

  • The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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    CRISPR is a genetic engineering tool that uses a sequence of DNA and its associated protein to edit the base pairs of genes. The word ‘designer’ usually referred to an upscale and fashionable handbag or clothes, but with this technology that alters the genes of children to make super babies that are immune to genetic diseases. The word ‘designer’ now refers to these super children that are believed to have a better chance of succeeding and a longer lifespan with their genes engineered. This might

  • The Ethics Of Scientific Knowledge

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    of pure scientific knowledge exists within the prestigious community of scientists and scientific knowledge within the academic and public communities has to be filtered from the other particles of ideas, leaving much room for interpretation. This paper will explore these different interactions among various communities and how it shapes communication of scientific knowledge. One such community is that of the very scientists who do the research and publications which supply much of the scientific