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  • Analysis Of Datura Stramonium As A Medicine

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    These alkaloids are atropine, hyoscamine, and scopolamine. Some members of the Solanaceae family are potatoes, coffee, peppers, and tomatoes. (Gaire & Subedi, 2013) This essay will focus primarily on uses of scopolamine from the Datura stramonium for medicinal uses. Negative effects will focus on the entirety of the plant, such as in poisoning cases. The format used for the essay will be APA. Diseases, Conditions, and Plant Preparation Scopolamine is a tropane

  • Argumentative Essay On Drugs

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    technique might be employed in the interrogation of suspected criminals, and he arranged to interview under scopolamine two prisoners in the Dallas county jail whose guilt seemed clearly confirmed. Under the drug, both men denied the charges on which they were held; and both, upon trial, were found not guilty. Enthusiastic at this success, House concluded that a patient under the influence of scopolamine "cannot create a lie ... and there is no power to

  • Pharmacologic Summary

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    to treat vertigo or motion sickness, scopolamine and meclizine are two medications a nurse practitioner can prescribe for patients with this condition. Each medication has benefits as well as adverse effects that patients should be informed about prior to deciding on a treatment plan. According to Lau and VanEaton (2014), scopolamine, an anticholinergic medication, should not be given to children or older adults, for there is an increased risk for scopolamine toxicity. Lau and VanEaton (2014) observed

  • Heroin Addiction : A Growing Epidemic

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    Heroin addiction is a growing epidemic, especially here on Long Island. People of all ages, gender, race, and ethnic backgrounds struggle with this addiction. Heroin is a highly addictive analgesic illegal drug, that many people abuse. The disease of addiction is a powerful illness, that is difficult to recover from. Many wonder if there will ever be a cure. Addicts go through many stages of recovery, and many do not make it through treatment, and unfortunately relapse. Now that it is a common issue

  • Truth Serum Research Paper

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    as injected drugs which greatly hamper a subject’s ability to lie, leading him or her to mechanically recite the truth to an interviewer upon questioning. Many barbiturates come under the “Truth Serum” group, including scopolamine, Sodium Amytal, and Sodium Pentothal. Scopolamine was tested in the late 1950s as a truth serum; however it is now infamous as a date-rape drug due to its tendency to generate retrograde amnesia, which is the inability to recall events before its administration. Sodium

  • Melissa Officinalis Research Paper

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    Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm), is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to south-central Europe and is now grown all over the world., North Africa, the Mediterranean region, and Central Asia ( Schhultz V et al, 1998.).It grows to 70–150 cm (28–59 in) tall. The leaves have a gentle lemon scent, related to mint. During summer, small white flowers full of nectar appear. It is not to be confused with bee balm (which is genus Monarda). The white flowers attract bees, hence

  • The Miracle Of Childbirth And Medicinal Practice

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    power over the physician. She initially could dictate childbirth in their own homes, yet when this transitioned to the hospital she gave a majority of that power up to the physician. If a mother wanted a vaginal birth, the physician would offer scopolamine or another drug to help ease the pain. In the event that

  • Opioid Trauma Case Study

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    MAC. Opioids, ketamine and etomidate in decreased doses are better choices when attempting to optimize intubating conditions. According to Barash (2013), metabolic disturbances in the acute trauma patient cannot reliably prevent recall. However, scopolamine, (0.6 mg), and midazolam, if the patient can tolerate it, given before airway management may decrease the likelihood of this complication. Intraoperative use of the bispectral index (BIS) monitor and, whenever possible, titrating anesthetics to

  • Explain Two Effects of the Environment on Physiological Processes

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    EXPLAIN TWO EFFECTS OF THE ENVIRONMENT ON PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES: Certain effect of the environment can affect physiological processes such as hormones, neurotransmitters and the brain. The two effect of the environment on physiological processes that will be discussed are the enrichment of certain environments on brain plasticity and the observation of experiences actions on the activation of mirror neurons. The first effect of environment on physiological processes that will be discussed is

  • Mental Health Psychology

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    The natural explanation of the presence of mental health problems would be the assumption that they do not arise spontaneously but something must happen to cause them to occur. Whether scientists are those to blame for not developing the right medication needs to be carefully examined. There are many reasons behind mental health problems and this essay considers the effectiveness of depression treatments and looks at the complexity of some mental problems that cannot be solved by one “magic pill”