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  • Chicago Bulls Research Paper

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    Introduction The NBA today has some of the best players in the world. It is the most popular basketball league in the entire world. The teams are stacked with talent throughout the entire league. The talent has increased tremendously since past years. Throughout the NBA’s history there has been some great teams. Arguably, there hasn’t been a team better than the 95-96 Bulls. What I Know The 95-96 Chicago Bulls are arguably the best National Basketball Association team of all time. They hold many

  • Dr. Naismith: A Very Brief History Of Basketball

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    The history of basketball . The basketball game was first played with a soccer ball . The objective of the game was to try to get the soccer ball into the hoop. Dr Naismith later(The History of Basketball - NBA Hoops Online) moved to go work at the YMCA . There he needed a game for his students to play . He then remembered the outdoor game his kids played at his old town, then he created basketball. He used a old regular ball which looks nothing like the basketball we have today. He started

  • Our Economy Essay

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    Our economy Their season opened in Boston, against a young Celtics team that had listened to 80-year-old Red Auerbach. "David Stern's name is on the basketball," Auerbach had said. "Not Michael Jordan's." That evening, Celtics TV analyst Tom Heinsohn made sure his audience knew who Jordan is not. "He's not God," Heinsohn said. "Everybody treats him like a messiah or something. He isn't." If it seems odd, at this point, for so many to be confused about Michael Jordan's identity

  • Descriptive Essay On Basketball

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    If I were to meet anyone in the world, it would be the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. A real close decision between meeting LeBron James and Michael Jordan. So, I chose the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan. He is such an inspiration to many people, whether those people were alive or not born when he was in the league. Michael is a really nice guy too. I had court side tickets at a Final Four game. The University of North Carolina was playing against Duke. As soon as I got to the game

  • The Basketball Game : My Greatest Emotions Of Basketball

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    My parents surprised me with courtside tickets at a UNC game. Final Four game to be more specific. I knew this matchup against Duke would be a tough one. Indiana University is really my favorite college, but they only made it to the Elite Eight and got knocked out by Kentucky. Little did I know, I was going to meet one of my biggest inspirations. Not just my biggest inspiration, but most of basketball’s biggest inspiration. The greatest player of all time. It was a week before my birthday when my

  • The Year Was 1998

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    the NBA Finals, this made them get their second 3-peat (1997–98 Chicago Bulls Season). This means they won three NBA Finals in a row. This was their sixth with in eight years. Phil Jackson coached some of the best basketball players, such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and even Michael Jordan! Each of those three players and the coach are in the Hall of Fame today, including the assistant coach Tex Winter during the 97-98 season (1997–98 Chicago Bulls Season). Today we are still affected by this

  • Professional Athletes, Sports Cars, Mansions, And Money

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    When thinking of professional athletes, sports cars, mansions, and money all come to mind. What about after the pros? Most people would say that professional athletes are set for the rest of their lives with everything luxurious. In most cases, athletes are accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle and living for the moment while playing in the pros that they do not think of retirement and no longer receiving salary or comparable salary if securing alternative employment. So if they do not have money

  • Compare And Contrast Jordan Vs Kobe Bryant

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    his worst day [than] Bryant on his best day”. David Stern, a former NBA Commissioner, also stated on the phone, during a live television show, that “ Michael Jordan had great moments in his career, as he was the greatest of his time.” Lastly, Scottie Pippen, a former teammate of Michael, called Michael Jordan a “lockdown defender” meaning the other team couldn’t get the

  • 1996 Chicago Bulls

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    personalities that year. Jordan was a fierce competitor who knew what it took to win. Pippen was a team first guy who sacrificed a great deal for team success. Then, Dennis Rodman had to be the most unpredictable player in the league at that time. Jackson knew all of this and developed many team building exercises that would turn these three charismatic players into a well-oiled machine. Once it was proven that Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman could play together, the role players all followed their suit. In

  • The Dream Team Era Essay

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    its way to the gold medal at the summer Olympic games. The team was named the "Dream Team" and it featured eleven of the NBA's best players. Names like Michael Jordan, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, and Larry Bird headlined the games and the play of Scottie Pippen and "Sir" Charles Barkley stole the show. After only eight games, the world of USA basketball would never be the same. Since 1992 two more teams called themselves the "Dream Team" and two were simply labeled as "Team USA" but one thing is for