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  • Essay about Doc. Unix

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    a. cat -s b. tr -b c. counter -k d. wc -c 14. In the command sed -f fixit notes > instructions, what is “fixit”? a. a script file b. an operator c. a function d. a formatting interpreter 15. When you design a record layout, you should do which of the following? a. identify each field by data type b. plan to delimit fields using a dash c. identify each field by name d. store only fields relevant to the record’s purpose 16. What sed command option enables you to append new text to a file? a. p b

  • Operating System Essay

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    satellite connection that only allows you to send files under 250 KB. Which of the following commands enables you to determine the number of bytes in the file before you try to send it? Answer: d. wc -c 14. In the command sed -f fixit notes > instructions, what

  • Terry

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    CD_list_replace, and then compare the contents of the CD_list file with the CD_list_replace file to ensure your changes are implemented Answer: Type sed s/misc/other/ CD_list_new > CD_list_replace and press Enter. Type comm CD_list CD_list_replace and press Enter. You might mention to students that another to do this is to type sed s/misc/other/ CD_list_new | cat > CD_list_replace. 14. Use the grep command to find all the lines that contain the word “celtic” in the CD_list_new file

  • SEDS-Saving Space Exploration

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    SEDS-Saving Space Exploration Space exploration was once a fascinating part of human culture. Back in the 60’s, when getting to the moon was a top priority, and exploring the features of other planets interested people, the space program had the momentum to pull off bigger and better things. To explore stars not even in our galaxy and even possibly pull off the feat of discovering extraterrestrial life was something people only dreamed about. Once being only in the imagination, space travel

  • The Consequences Of Sed Housing And The Negative Effects Of Public Housing

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    In terms of public housing, white homeowners and people from the affluent area's believed that subsidized housing drops their property values, owners wouldn't devote on their properties, crime rise and threats to their community culture (Briggs, Darden, and Aidala 28). As for race or ethnicity, beliefs about the negative effects of nonwhite arrivals on property values clearly arise in part from attitudes long prevalent in the real estate industry. Babcock(1992) came to the conclusion, specifying

  • Dis Duck Analysis

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    There’s moor. Nanky sed that she saived him becuz he wuz a cuutie pantz. De duck, Jone, was so ahppy. Jone desided to sarenaid Nanky by singing her a song. It wuz colled nevr gonne giv you up. Nevr gonn bring u down. Nevr gon run around. Dessert u. Nanky was to flateered by this. She sed that she wuz goinq to kiss him. Gess what. The duk and chik kiseed. It wuz so romantik. Jone new it wuz mint to bee. Sudenlee, Stev came in. “Stev wit r u doing here” sed Nsanky. Steve sed “Il luv u Nank”. Jone

  • Gorbachev and the East German Revolution

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    Introduction On November 9, 1989, the most iconic symbol of communism and the USSR fell. The Berlin Wall symbolically represented the division of Europe as a result of the Cold War ; it divided the West and East of Europe. Originally, after the end of World War II, the Allied powers disarmed and broke Berlin into four zones of occupations: American, Soviet, British, and French. Slowly, the Soviet Union started to gain control of Eastern Europe post-war. The Yalta Agreement in February, 1945, gave

  • Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Essay

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    can be caused by new mutations that have developed in the parent or parents gene that gets passed down to their offspring. Their average size is dwarf was below 4' 10", but still above 4'. Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia is also commonly referred to as SED. This type of dwarfism disrupts bone growth during development as a child. This is what causes the

  • New Evidence Of Herihor 's Northern Political Expansion As A King Essay

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    with Hathor of Dendera, based on the iconographic detail representing the king receiving his regal epithets incised inside cartouches. The study examines the relationship between the king and goddess, and includes a discussion of the titles in the "Hb-sed" symbol surmounted by the crown of Upper Egypt. The present study, throughout the significance of the symbolism expressed by the scene, arrives at the conclusions of a clear geographical boundary; that Herihor, as a king, exerted control at least as

  • Accompanying Texts : Before Both Hathor And The King Essay

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    Accompanying texts: Before both Hathor and the King: Ssp.n.k iartwy @r Hr tp.k "You received the two uraei of Horus; they may shine upon your head". Above Hathor: @t-Hr nbt iwnt irt Ra HqAt ….. "Hathor, Lady of Dendera, The eye of Re, the ruler of …….." Behind Hathor: wn nsw bity nb tAwy sA Imn Hry-@r, xa wD m nsw bity tA Sma mHw Dt "The king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two lands, Siamn-Herihor, shall maintain the glorious appearance as king of the south and the north forever" Behind