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  • Types Of Searches And Seizures

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    Being able to locate physical evidence from a civilian must be done with some sort of search and seizure. There are many types of searches and seizures done with or without a warrant which can be a big factor to case if done correctly. Warrantless searches have three purposes, the safety of the police officer and seize weapons from any harm. To also seize weapons from any harm into resisting arrest or to be able to flee, lastly to prevent the destruction of evidence or concealment. There is also

  • Essay On Epilepsy

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    called a seizure disorder, is a disease that affects many people around the world. Epilepsy causes people to have epileptic seizures. This illness causes about 50,000 deaths each year and believe it or not, the harm that a person could inflict on themselves is more dangerous that the seizure itself. Since Epilepsy is a seizure disorder, most of the symptoms are actually symptoms due to seizures. Symptoms also vary depending on what type of seizure the person is having; however most seizures are classified

  • Essay on Understanding Epilepsy

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    condition in which the afflicted person experiences recurrent seizures, of which there are many varieties. These seizures have many causes (but the mechanism of some of these causes are still unknown) and treatment options. In some cases they can even be completely controlled. However, when they are not controlled it is very important to react in the correct way otherwise there is a risk of further endangering the patient who is having a seizure. Epilepsy was not always known to be a medical issue

  • Essay on Epilepsy

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    olds at 30%. The least amount of first time seizures comes from the forty plus age group. (According to EFA publications) Over 2.5 million people suffer from epilepsy. The international league against epilepsy describes a seizure as an alternative term for "epileptic attack". Seizures vary in there length and severity. A "tonic-clonic" seizure can last for one to seven minutes. " Absence seizures usually last for a few seconds. However, complex partial seizure" may last for thirty seconds or two

  • Epilepsy Decision Essay

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    that shows how some age groups are more susceptible. Most people who get seizures during their childhood tent to experience a reduction in the intensity and frequency of their seizures, as they are getting older. In many cases the epilepsy will disappear completely. When people think of a seizure, they usually think of someone falling down unconscious and shaking himself. Some people may also throw up or drool. This type of seizure usually lasts for several minutes. When it stops, the person may feel

  • Epilepsy And Its Effects On The Central Nervous System

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    Warren September 26, 2016 Epilepsy Epilepsy refers to a seizure disorder where the central nervous system does not function properly. It is a neurological disorder. It is when nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures. There is no cure for epilepsy, but there are treatments to help limit the number of seizures. Most people that have epilepsy live normal lives with some or no restrictions. Most people outgrow their seizures once they get to adulthood. Seventy percent of people

  • Epilepsy Essay

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    During these seizures, high-voltage, synchronous discharges occur over the entire cortex. Furthermore, the same type of discharge occurs on both sides of the brain at the same time, showing that the abnormal neuronal circuitry responsible for the attack strongly involves the basal regions of the brain that drive the

  • Three Types Of Video Game-Induced Seizure

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    Typically when it comes to video game-induced seizures, most cases fall into three types of groups. People with idiopathic generalized epilepsy (IGE), those with IGE without photosensitivity, and people with partial seizures. Generally, patients that have video game-induced seizures have IGE (Ferrie). To conclude, video game-induced seizures are caused by many different situations. Some examples of these situations could be the Hz of a TV, people with idiopathic generalized epilepsy and photosensitivity

  • Essay on Epilepsy: The Misunderstood Disorder

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    Epilepsy is a condition in which a person has two or more seizures affecting a variety of mental and physical functions. Epilepsy is one of the oldest conditions of the human race. Epilepsy Awareness is important because Epilepsy is a widely misunderstood disorder. The reason that Epilepsy has been misunderstood has been mainly due to research not being conducted until the middle of the nineteenth century. There are six main types of seizures and many treatments that can assist an epileptic patient

  • Personal Experience with Epilepsy

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    we never moved. My mother looked over at my dad and realized he was having a seizure. At the time I did not know what that was; all I remember is a blur of my sister calling 911, and us going to the hospital. It was one of the scariest moments of my life; I thought my dad was dying. Later that night my mom explained to us what a seizure was, and that he was going to be okay. This was the first time my dad had a seizure, and the doctors did not know why. He was sent home from the emergency room