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  • The Importance Of Punctuation In Writing

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    punctuation more effectively to express characters' views and thoughts. When reviewing dependent and independent phrases and compound and complex sentences, I began to understand one of the most underutilized and incorrectly used bits of punctuation; the semicolon had found its' way to my toolbox. I believe of all the punctuation I improved during this course, the

  • Reflective Essay Writing

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    lost my dog lilly of 17 years, it was the worst day in my life”, in that one sentence alone there was three simple grammar mistakes that I’m embarrassed of making now. I didn’t put a comma after the initial introductory statement, nor did I put a semicolon between the two independent thoughts; hell I didn’t even capitalize a name. I

  • Reflection On Writing Skills

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    me throughout the semester to improve my paper writing skills overall. I however thought we were going to be involved in more in-depth writing skills rather than learning where to add a comma or semicolon. This isn’t implying that they weren’t helpful at all, I really did understand the usage of semicolons and colons much more than I have previously thought I have, however, I wish we focused on skills that could be used in every situation. What skills? Not sure, I haven’t learned them yet, or I have

  • Personal Reflection Essay

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    “I liked the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ for a lot of reasons,” was how I started my first writing assignment of this course, and now it is how I am starting for last writing assignment; but for different reasons. In the beginning of this class, my knowledge and understanding of writing was very limited. Fortunately, I did not submit my assignment with such an uninteresting and bland hook, but this shows the tremendous growth I was able to experience as a writer as a result of this course. Throughout

  • Semicolon: Awareness Of Mental Illnesses

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    chose to wear a mask that represents the awareness of mental illnesses. The masks’ background is blue and yellow, which resembles depression. Along with the colors, it also possesses the silver ribbon for people whom retains mental illnesses. The semicolon resembles a horrible period in peoples lives. Lastly, the whale symbolizes emotion. The colors that are shown on the mask not only stands for depression, but they are displayed as other qualities as well. Blue can mean relaxation, but it is quite

  • Notes On The Semicolon Command

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    documentclass[12pt,makeidx]{thesis} ewcommand{ e}{mathrm{e}} ewcommand{ i}{mathrm{i}} ewcommand{ d}{mathrm{d}} defsemicolon{ obreakmskip2mumathpunct{} onscriptmkern- hinmuskip{;} mskip6muplus1mu elax} % This defines the semicolon command makeindex usepackage{rotating} usepackage{color,tikz} %usepackage[unicode,bookmarks,bookmarksopen,bookmarksopenlevel=2,colorlinks,linkcolor=blue,citecolor=green]{hyperref} usepackage{amsmath,eucal,amssymb} usepackage{mathrsfs,graphicx,texdraw} usepackage{fancyhdr

  • What Is The Semicolon Just Plain Silly

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    Is the Semicolon Just Plain Silly? The semicolon: is it the most maddening and mysterious punctuation mark? Many writers avoid it altogether: when trying to express thoughts clearly, who needs a “semi” anything? Our task is not to sway your feelings, but to simply provide some definition to your like or dislike. When exactly should one use a semicolon? Fundamentally, what’s the difference between a colon and a semicolon? The word colon is derived from the Greek kolon meaning “limb, member, portion”

  • My Semicolon: My Experience As A Writer

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    Though, there are many things I struggle with; I am bound to enlightenment. Using the correct punctuation is pretty difficult. Unfortunately, we need their presence. Semicolons, how have they come unnoticed to many students and writers around the country. I still have a hard time with using them. But, I will prevail. The semicolon will not defeat me; I will defeat it. Commas, they are very similar to the “breath marks” in music; giving you a breather before you go on with idea. I am still a master

  • Greek And Greek Mythology

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    Select the sentence that contains no semicolon errors. (Note that some of the sentences may not require a semicolon.) Mythology usually deals with divinities; in contrast, folktales generally focus on ordinary people, even if they have supernatural elements. Mythology usually deals with divinities, in contrast folktales generally focus on ordinary people, even if they have supernatural elements. Mythology usually deals with divinities, in contrast; folktales generally focus on ordinary people

  • I Have Discovered Is Adeline Yen Mah 's Chinese Cinderella

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    Living, Forever in our Hearts, an autobiography written by my great-great-grandfather, the phrase ‘Mind over Matter,’ and Project Semicolon. Chinese Cinderella, Life’s for the Living, and Forever in our Hearts have influenced me to be unyielding. The autobiography inspires me to work diligently and never concede. Optimism is encouraged by ‘Mind over Matter’ and The Semicolon Project. One significant autobiography that I have discovered is Adeline Yen Mah’s Chinese Cinderella. Mah shares the incessant