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  • The Use Of Electroencephalographic ( Eeg ) Signals For Biometric Person Recognition

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    the specially-designed database is the number of subjects included for data capture using the low-cost sensor system. The self-collected database contains 27 subjects with recordings from multiple sessions made on different days, which may still not be large enough to justify the statistical significance of the obtained results. Furthermore, due to the quality of the data from the low-cost sensor, it can be predicted that with the number of subjects further increasing, the recognition performance

  • Secure Protocols For Wsn : A Comparative Study Of Protocols

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    SECURE PROTOCOLS FOR WSN A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PROTOCOLS NAME: RITIKA SANJEET RUSTAGI USC ID NUMBER: 4205911885 CSCI 530 COMPUTER SECURITY SYTEMS TILES OF THE PAPER: Abstract Introduction Security requirements of WSNs Choosing efficient encryption algorithm SPINS TinySec Evaluation of SPINS and TinySec Conclusion Acknowledgment References I have read the Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism published by the student affairs office. I understand what is expected of me with respect to properly citing sources

  • Using A Handheld Portable Gas Detector Weighting Up

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    One of the main challenges in this effort is how to autonomously operate multiple sensors for oxygen monitoring and to replace the existing technology which is based on a handheld portable gas detector weighting up to 5lbs and placed in the belt or waistband of the worker. Our innovative design is based on converting wasted mechanical energy from the movement of the worker to useful amount of energy by using the piezoelectric transduction mechanism. Depending on the movement of the worker and the

  • Capsim Intended Strategy

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    successful and exciting. The sensor industry has experienced increasing product demand recently, as well as a universal desire for smaller and faster sensors in both the low and high tech market segments. Through the conduction of an external analysis, we have identified five major competitors within this industry, all sharing a similar control of suppliers and buyers to our company. The main goal of our strategy is to gain an advantage

  • Global Warming Research Paper

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    there are no more shrilling reminders set in such places. Because they are getting replaced by quite, energy-saving, and user-friendly timer switches. The switches offer preset delays, which automatically turns ON/OFF light. 3. Ceiling and Motion Sensors: You’ve perhaps heard this rhyme “Turn the lights on my nights. This is life. And we get only one chance. Clap your hands.” No matter, what age you are, the rhyme evokes a mutual feeling – what if I could

  • Gillette Innovation Case Study 17 Oct 2011

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    technology and its ability to persuade consumers to trade up as new improved versions of existing razors were launched. In 1990, the Gillette Sensor represented a breakthrough in shaving systems technology with its twin blade cartridge. This

  • Home Automation System (Iot) (Udp) Prabhat Murlidhar Dhake

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    cloud connection to communicate with remote microcontroller over the internet. The back end involves building a network of microcontroller based prototypes to emulate devices used at Home such as temperature and humidity sensors, motors, lighting control, security camera, IR sensors etc. 1.3 Problem Specification  The four main challenges are faced by home automation systems are high cost of ownership, inflexibility, poor manageability, and difficulty achieving security. The proposed system has a

  • The Importance Of Identification

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    Identification was implemented using a simplified version of our angular position feedback calculation. Stationary short-range IR sensors were used to detect weights, with additional IR sensors mounted atop the robot facing the same direction such that walls and weights could be distinguished. This module performed exceptionally well and was able to detect weights on either side of the robot reliably. Instead of a calculated angle, the robot instead rotated through a set angle when a weight was detected

  • A Brief Note On Electronics And Telecommunication Department

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    capability and will allow the wearer to access information in real time. We have developed mobile data acquisition (DAQ) solution based on an android, which collects personalized health information of the end-user physiological signals are acquired by the sensors which attached on the Human body, store analyze and visualize it on the smart phone and sends it towards the server for further processing. Also for continuous monitoring, we need our system to be power efficient hence we use BLE Device which is

  • The Evolution Of Wireless Networks

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    The Evolution of Wireless Networks Micheal Robinson Network Management and Infrastructure July 27, 2015 Abstract Networking of computers has developed quite well since they were first introduced. Wireless networks are basically just the new trend of computer networks in the IT world. Of course with every new technology that is created, there are some pros and cons. This paper engages some of the key advantages and deficiencies of wireless networks security. It addresses various types